Koda Kumi – So Into You

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Koda Kumi – So Into You

1. So Into You
2. COLOR OF SOUL (Dub’s Guitar of Soul Remix)
4. So Into You (Instrumental)

So Into You is the fourth single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on March 13, 2002. The title track was used as the “Rank Oukoku” opening theme, as the “JAPAN COUNT DOWN” opening theme, as well as “TOKYO CLUB GANG” ending theme. The single reached #50 on the Oricon charts and charted for two weeks. This single sold 3,910 units in it’s first week and the most recent figures show that it has sold a total of 5,800 units.

Mix COLOR OF SOUL with TAKE BACK and you sort of get So Into You. Just like the previous single this song features a nice and smooth R&B sound with some funky elements, as well as some synths. It’s the same old 90s influenced kind, but every time a little different. That’s what makes this song attractive: it still has a unique approach. She doesn’t deliver the best vocal performance in this song, but it’s bearable.

Dub comes in with a remix: COLOR OF SOUL (Dub’s Guitar of Soul Remix). I know his Ayu remixes, so I was pretty curious about this one. It’s quite a long remix, reaching almost 8 minutes, but I really like it. Kuu’s adlibs are well featured, as well as some funny whistle sounds. The guitar really is there! In fact, it delivers the main contramelody in the remix and it sounds pretty funky, so this takes me back to the original. Dub, I love you for this.

Back in time with TAKE BACK (BLACKWATCH Remix), which is also a pretty long remix but this one needs a little bit more time to take off. It has its moments, but again the BLACKWATCH remixes prove to be tracks of avoidance. Just like with the Trust Your Love remix from BLACKWATCH, Kuu repeats just one line throughout the entire song and the music just consists of a constant beat with no real highs. I hope I never see BLACKWATCH on a single again, I swear.

Too bad for the last track, because the other two were very enjoyable! So Into You was the last single of what was quite an interesting first era for Kuu. Her A-sides were all pretty good from the start and So Into You really fit that profile. It was nice of Dub to provide this single with a remix too. On to the first album!


4 stars


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