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2. It’s too late
3. Trust Your Love (Hex Hector Japanese Radio Mix)
4. Trust Your Love (BLACKWATCH Remix)
5. COLOR OF SOUL (Instrumental)
6. It’s too late (Instrumental)

COLOR OR SOUL is the third single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on October 3, 2001. The title track was the chosen theme song for AX MUSIC FACTORY’s “AX POWER PLAY #050”. The single peaked on the Japanese Oricon charts at #29 selling 6,210 units in it’s first week and the most recent figures show that it has sold a total of 12,780 units.

The first things that come to mind whenever I hear COLOR OF SOUL is ‘funky’ and ‘groovy’ (so she should’ve named it ‘COLOR OF FUNK’ xD). The song features some pretty nice synth arrangements and it’s more of the R&B/dance type of song from the early days of the 21st century (with some 90s influences). The things that make this song funky in my opinion are Kumi’s adlibs during some parts of the song and the piano melody in the background. I really like this song.

Nice to see that a ballad is the B-side for this single. It’s too late is another one of Kumi’s nice and smooth R&B ballads that she definitely does with a lot of flair. For one of her earliest songs it has a very nice arrangement made up from an acoustic guitar, a piano, a smooth beat and some soft synth riffs every now and then. It’s a simple song and quite long, but she sings this song with so much emotion in her voice.

Trust Your Love (Hex Hector Japanese Radio Mix) kinda sounds like the Thunderpuss Radio Mix from that same side, but then a little funkier. It’s also pretty fast and it features many synth riffs, but it’s got that little extra funky element with a guitar. A great surprising element that immediately made me appreciate this remix a little more, because at first I really was afraid this was just a copy of the Thunderpuss mix. In fact: this is waaaay better.

Another remix for the same song: Trust Your Love (BLACKWATCH Remix), and this time it’s borderline 8 minutes so it takes quite some time for the song to actually take off (it’s kind of and Ayu thing rather than a Kuu thing). So basically the first four minutes (!) of the remix are boring as hell because all you hear is a beat and Kumi repeating the lines ‘need your love, ease my pain, trust your love, once again‘ over and over again. This is totally going nowhere, pointless.

The last track totally ruined what was going to be a great single, by being really empty and pointless. The A-side was, ofcourse, the best track of the entire single with its funky elements and a great musical style that brings a good diversity to her discography. The B-side was one of her first ballads alongside ‘Your Song’, and if I have to compare them I must say I simply cannot because both ballads are great and I love her emotional vocals in her ballads. The single didn’t disappoint except for the last disastrous track.


4 stars

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