Koda Kumi – TAKE BACK

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Koda Kumi – TAKE BACK

1. TAKE BACK (Original Mix)
2. Your Song (Original Mix)
3. TAKE BACK (C.”Tricky” Stewart Remix)
4. TAKE BACK (Daylight Remix)
5. TAKE BACK (Instrumental)
6. Your Song (Instrumental)

TAKE BACK is the debut single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on December 6, 2000. The title track was used as the Kanebo “refined beauty skin” CM song. The single peaked on the Japanese Oricon charts at #59, selling 4,090 copies in it’s first week and it has sold a total of 22,680 copies. The single reached #20 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Music charts.

Since she’s probably taking a hiatus due to her pregnancy, it’s take to take out the older era’s! TAKE BACK is her first single, and it really took me a while to actually appreciate the song but know I have really come to love it. The song is a mixture of R&B with some arabian sounding synth patterns, so it’s definitely a good an unique debut sound. It’s not too fast, not too slow, and it doesn’t drag. The repeated synth lines are simply catchy!

Your Song is a complete 180 from TAKE BACK, because it’s an R&B ballad with a beautiful acoustic guitar. I like the water drop effects that can be heard now and then, but I don’t know what’s the use of those little synth-like riffs. Again Kuu shows she has pretty deep and sultry vocals instead of some of the pitched vocals some of her ‘colleagues’ have (like her sister, misono). This ballad track balances the single and it’s very pretty.

TAKE BACK (C.”Tricky” Stewart Remix)  sounds awesome, it’s like a slightly slower paced Hip hop version of the original (and I have a weak spot for Hip hop music). The beat is smooth, and I like how Tricky Stewart threw in an acoustic guitar, strings and some high pitched keyboard notes.

TAKE BACK (Daylight Remix) has a weird transition in the beginning of the track, and what follows surprises me even more. They sped up her vocals and threw in a totally different beat. Still it’s bearable, and I like how the background singers provided the song with completely new background vocals. I still prefer the previous remix over this one, because the constant transition from bass vocals to chipmunk vocals near the end just leaves me wondering… WTF.

Koda Kumi couldn’t have come up with a stronger debut than TAKE BACK, and thank god she’s not gonna follow in Ayu’s footstept and include 1000 remixes on her singles. The remixes that were presented on this single were pretty hot, both had their own qualities but the Daylight Remix had its flaws. She didn’t become a star overnight, but she sure showed everyone she can kick ass with this one!


4½ stars


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