Ayumi Hamasaki – TO BE

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Ayumi Hamasaki – TO BE

1. TO BE “Original Mix”
2. TO BE “Dub’s cool wind Remix”
3. appears “H.W Tokyo Hard House Mix”
5. Fly high “Supreme Mix”
7. TO BE “Original Mix -Instrumental-”

TO BE is the eighth single by Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki, it was released on May 12, 1999. The single reached #4 on the weekly charts and stayed on the charts for a total of fifteen weeks. The single also became the the #64 single of 1999. The single sold 109,860 copies during it’s first weeks sales and it has since sold a total of 324,500 copies.
The single was re-released in 2001 on a 12cm format with extra remix songs. This time around the single reached #26 and charted for three weeks.

TO BE had the most strange PV I’ve seen from Ayu in a long time, but the song itself is one of my favorites of this era. Ayu’s vocals sound improved, but it could also be her (more appealing) lower pitched singing. The song features great constrasts in the music which I really like. The music is powerful yet a bit laid back in the verses. I think this is very well arranged with an acoustic guitar, a piano and no friggin’ synths at all this time! The chorus takes the song to a more powerful part with an electric guitar in the background.

This remix was the first ever to appear on Ayu’s 8cm single releases, so it marks a turning point. TO BE “Dub’s cool wind Remix” features more of a reaggae ballad style for the arrangement, but to my liking it is sometimes a bit out of tune with her vocals. It’s not the best new arrangement for a song, but still it fits the atmosphere of the song if you ask me. Just gimme the original, though.

The original version of this song is a song that had yet to be released as a single in 1999: appears “H.W Tokyo Hard House Mix”. It’s not my favorite Ayu song if you wanna put it that way, but the remix is pretty hot and quite mysterious. It features dominant synth arrangements and I like the huge beat in this remix. Slowly the song will start to grow on me in the end, I’m sure.

Next are three remixes for the same song, and the first is Fly high “SHARP BOYS U.K. VOCAL MIX”. I always thought the original was kinda funky and cheerful, but this remix kinda tones the original down too much. I don’t like the distorted vocal effects in the chorus and it doesn’t really have a pinnacle, but the beat and synths were nice…

Which brings me to her worst remix to date, and it really makes me like even the previous track more and more. Fly high “Supreme Mix” was soooo pointless. The constant repetition of Ayu’s line ‘It’s gonna‘, the first words of her rap lines, annoyed the hell out of me together with the crazy fast beat! NEXT, NEXT, PLEAAASE =(

Fly high “SAMPLE MADNESS REMIX” really does sound like a sample madness. It starts off with a brassy tune but then a rocky dance tune takes over with lots of synths and electric guitar riffs. There is a minimum of vocals in this remix, you do hear her (fabulous) rap lines and the chorus repeated, but that’s it. Still this remix is waaaaaay better than the previous DISASTER xD

Such a shame this single features some really bad remixes, of which Fly high “Supreme Mix” just made me wanna cry. Out loud. The original song is so pretty, and then they already had to destroy it with a disappointing remix. The remix for ‘appears’ was fine, but then they completely ripped up ‘Fly high’. Well, all three of them are featured on the single Fly high, which gives me the chance to skip them. This single should’ve been just the A-side. Bummer.


2½ stars


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