Ayumi Hamasaki – LOVE ~Destiny~

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Ayumi Hamsaki – LOVE ~Destiny~

1. LOVE ~Destiny~
2. LOVE ~since 1999~
3. kanariya “Big Room Mix”
4. kanariya “HΛL’S Mix”
5. from your letter “pandart sasanoooha Mix”
6. LOVE ~Destiny~ “Original Mix -Instrumental-”
7. LOVE ~since 1999~ “Original Mix -Instrumental-”

LOVE ~Destiny~ is the seventh single by Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki, released on April 14, 1999. The two main songs were the sub-theme and main theme, for the dorama Semidouble. This single reached #1 on the Oricon charts (her first single to do so) and stayed on the charts for a total of twenty-six weeks. It sold 650,790 copies, becoming the #30 single of 1999.
The single was re-released in 2001 on a 12cm format with extra remix songs. This time around the single reached #20 and charted for four weeks.

I’ve always had a weak spot for LOVE ~Destiny~ since the first time I heard it, because it’s a beautiful ballad that always seems to capture me. It’s a great way to calm things down after WHATEVER, and it’s also nice to finally see Ayu release a real ballad in her early career. The song starts off very intimate with just her vocals (which sound way better in this song most of the time, except for some flaws in the bridge) and a piano. Later, other instruments build around that base and strings, percussion and an electric guitar solo strengthen the ballad. This song is one of her best A-sides in her early career.

LOVE ~since 1999~ is a duet with the composer Tsunku and it features about the same melody as the original but it has a different arrangement. It’s more upbeat but I definitely have some problems with this track. It’s very cool that it’s a hot uptempo version of the original, but Tsunku sounds much stronger than Ayu and they sound terrible when ‘harmonizing’ together. At least they’re trying. This is LOVE ~Destiny~ gone wrong. Ugh.

kanariya “Big Room Mix” is the remix for a song that would be released as a single later in 1999 and the original song would become a hidden track on her second studio album. I like the original song, so I can dig the remixes too. This one is very long again at 7:36 minutes, but it definitely has a nice beat and a great synth arrangement. I still don’t know who that male vocalist is, but he’s so random.. I still like this remix very much and the original song is actually very suitable for remixes.

So let’s have another one: kanariya “HΛL’S Mix”, which is a lot shorter than the previous remix but also a lot more dominant with even more percussion, synths and sound effects. This time around, in the chorus, they used a vocoder to alter Ayu’s vocals and except for some of the overly extended notes it sounds pretty cool. I actually think that a remix of this quality should’ve been longer but I enjoyed myself for four and a half minutes, hihi.

from your letter “pandart sasanoooha Mix” is such a CRAZY remix! First, it starts off with the sound of a horse.. Then a crazy beat with a timpani drops in together with synths. I can enjoy this remix because it’s so crazy and not what you’d expect, but ofcourse it’s an odd hybrid of numerous elements all thrown together. It deserves points though for being a unqiue remix.

I’m so relieved this single was way better than WHATEVER, because it was (despite having a good A-side) a bit of a disappointment. The only downer on this single was LOVE ~since 1999~ because the combination of Tsunku and Ayu is a real no-go, but the original song is her best A-side in months. The remixes were much more enjoyable then some of her previous remixes, they really rocked and the remix for ‘from your letter’ was a real surprise to me. Really good single!


4½ stars


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