Rumor: Ayumi Hamasaki’s Mile High Club nightmare

February 5, 2012 at 2:03 PM | Posted in Ayumi Hamasaki | Leave a comment

So most of us know about Ayumi Hamasaki and Manuel Schwartz’s devorce last month. After only a year of marriage, the couple decided to split due to their busy schedules. But it’s been rumored that another reason was the actual cause of the split.

Maybe it’s a little bit weird, but even Japan’s sweetheart appears to have a sex life. Even if it is weird, it’s not very surprising ofcourse. But what IS surprising, is that Mannie threatened to tell stories about that sex life to the Japanese media. “He wanted to sell stories about their sex life to the media. He used a friend to ask the Japanese media how much they were willing to pay if he talked about their sex life,” says an Avex staff member, the label where Ayu is signed.

Mannie Schwartz, an Austrian model, claimed he and Ayu had sex on a plane once. She bought out all the seats in business class and according to Mannie they ‘joined the Mile High Club’ there. He also said Ayu gave him head in a limo and they did it on the stairs in their home. The Avex staff member who told the media this wasn’t sure how much of this is actually true.

The 33-year-old singer Ayumi Hamasaki decided to devorce him around the summer, because he constantly asked her for money. Manuel Schwartz isn’t a very wealthy man, and every time the amount of money he needed increased. Ayu apparently got sick of financing him.

The worst part is that Ayu already started dating another guy when she was still married. Manuel Schwartz actually knows the guy, and Ayu recently flew out to Hawaii to be with her new lover.

I don’t know how much of all this is true, even though I’m sure Ayu divorced Mannie. I’m very sorry for her, and I’m very shocked about these rumors. I definitely hope they are just some stories that are completely made up to increase media attention… Stay strong Ayu!♥


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