Meisa Kuroki – Woman’s Worth / Breeze Out

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Meisa Kuroki – Woman’s Worth / Breeze Out

1. Woman’s Worth
2. Breeze Out
3. Wired Life (1llmnt/Illuminati/Remix)
4. Woman’s Worth (Instrumental)
5. Breeze Out (Instrumental)

Woman’s Worth / Breeze Out is the sixth single released by Japanese singerMeisa Kuroki. Woman’s Worth was used as the “Seiko LUKIA” commercial song while Breeze Out was the “SUBARU [BRZ” ] commercial song. The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD. The single reached #47 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 2 weeks.

The introduction to Woman’s Worth as very attractive, I don’t really know how to explain it but it has a nice vibe to it. The chorus again proves there’s something about the song, and this time it’s the melody that appeals to me. I’m just a bit on the fence with Meisa’s pronunciation of the title words (sounds something like ‘Womanza world’). This A-side is a very solid song with a great spice to it, even Meisa’s vocals were okay this time (thanks to autotune..?).

Breeze Out also surprised me with that great punch it has, I love the nice brassy elements in the song and the fact that Meisa raps some of her lines for a change. It’s totally obvious that some of her notes are created with autotune, such as the fake sounding higher ones, but the musical flow feels so right that I hardly noticed. Not her best song but it definitely has a sense of ‘oompfh, here she comes!’

We’re going Mario Kart with Wired Life (1llmnt/Illuminati/Remix). They sped up the original song a bit, and it could be me but sometimes it sounds like they raised the pitch a bit. Some sections of the song have a crazy deep dubstep effect that makes your speakers shake like hell, but then the high pitched synth sounds (the Mario Kart sound effects haha) make it a bit lighter. The remix is a good variation on the original song with a nice contrast between the dark and deep bass effects and the high synths.

I’ve read a review that was less enthousiastic than this one, so at first I was a bit anxious about this single and what the songs would sound like. Then I found out my opinion is very different than that of some others and I’m proud to say I actually like this single quite a lot. The two A-sides are both uptempo dance tracks but they both had a great sense of appeal to them which makes it hard for me to dislike them. The remix was a really good one, it totally makes up for the Rin Okumura one on the Wired Life single. Next stop: UNLOCKED!


4½ stars


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