Meisa Kuroki – Wired Life

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Meisa Kuroki – Wired Life

1. Wired Life
2. Wired Life (No Escape Remix) feat. Rin Okumura
3. Wired Life (アニメサイズversion)
4. Wired Life (Instrumental)

Wired Life is the fifth single by Japanese singer Meisa Kuroki, released on August 31, 2011. The title track was used as second ending for the anime Ao no Exorcist. The single sold 11,817 copies.

Wired Life is a pretty hot dance track with a lot of synths and beats. It starts off quite mysterious with Meisa’s altered vocals, and I noticed the verses were a lot more subtle than the chorus considering the musical arrangement. I love what Nao’ymt did to this track, it fits Meisa’s style like a glove. But like I said before, she isn’t the best singer in the business and the chorus definitely has its vocal flaws. Other than that, this is one of Meisa’s best A-sides released.

The remix scares the crap out of me, seriously. Wired Life (No Escape Remix) feat. Rin Okumura is HAUNTED, believe me. Meisa’s parts combined with the music are the nice parts, that’s what I need when I see the word remix. NOT a crazy anime character called Rin Okumura that’s reciting his Japanese lines in a rather creepy, growling and screaming voice! The Meisa parts are very well done, but Rin scares me (mostly because I can’t understand a word he says).

Wired Life (アニメサイズversion) opens with a very nice piano instrumental, and it’s very soothing and pretty. After that, the original song starts and, lucky for me, I have become pretty much used to this song to actually be able to say I’m, close to loving it already. Just one verse and chorus and we’re out.

Except for the creepy and weird remix that was overruled by a hyperactive Rin Okumura (sorry Rin stans), I really liked this single. It’s such a bummer I can’t find the version with UPGRADE U! and One More Drama -PINGPONG REMIX remixed by dee.c-, so if anyone has that version PLEASE help me out because I’m dying to know what these songs are like. As for Wired Life, it’s gonna be track #3 on her next album UNLOCKED, and I’m glad to notice!


4½ stars


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