Meisa Kuroki – One More Drama

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Meisa Kuroki – One More Drama

1. One More Drama
2. Go Ahead
3. LOL! ARP REMIX remixed by dee.c
4. One More Drama (instrumental)

One More Drama is the fourth single by Japanese singer Meisa Kuroki. It was released on April 13, 2011. The title track was used as the commercial song for “Kit Kat”, while “Go Ahead” was used as the commercial song for “Seiko Lukia”. The single reached #18 on the weekly Oricon chart, and stayed on the chart for a total of two weeks.

I love how the Spanish guitar gives One More Drama a bit more of a Spanish twist to a club banger song with lots of synthesizers and even some dubstep effects here and there. I still haven’t figured out whether I really like this girl or not (her voice doesn’t have that much personality if you ask me), but she does a hell of a good job with this song. She goes into a little Kuu direction here, I love this!

Go Ahead features some more melodic elements to tone things down slightly, like a piano and strings. The beat is still very prominant so I can’t say this is a ballad or even a mid-tempo song. It’s more relaxed than the A-side, and I must say Meisa herself sounds better herself too. I think it’s a matter of finding the right pitch for her, this song requires a slightly lower vocal pitch which suits her best.

Apparently Meisa thought she could better release an all uptempo single, because ofcourse LOL! ARP REMIX remixed by dee.c is another club banger. I have one problem with this remix: it’s hot, but the bouncy effect of the song is only heard in the verses. They totally fucked up the chorus so those parts sound totally quircky right now. Such a shame, but at least the rest of the music is fierce.

This is not Meisa’s best single, and the remix definitely needs some REmixing (LOL). Even though she did a better vocal job in Go Ahead than in One More Drama, I’m still not convinced about her qualities as a singer. I’m always a bit on the fence with her vocals, maybe she should stick to modelling or she could show me her next singles are better than this one. Musically, One More Drama was the top track though.


3 stars


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