Best of 2011: ~Last FM Listening Trends~

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This post is new in the feature review series, and it’s inspired by a post on Lost Wing. My listening trends tend to vary a lot because, I have to admit, I like almost every genre. When you check my Last FM listening history, you can find anything from Taylor Swift to Ayumi Hamasaki, from Nicki Minaj to (hold your breath) Children of Bodom. There are some groups (like the latter) or artists that don’t get many plays though. But they’re there. I also have my ‘style periods’. Noooo I’m not talking about the monthly one, haha x]   I mean: sometimes I’m more into hiphop (that was for the past month or so), other times I’m more into rock or J-pop… I’m a capricious person as you can see, when it comes to music at least.

So here for the first time are my Last FM stats for 2011. That means the counted plays are not my all-time plays, but just for the past 12 months.

1. Disney – 1,679 plays
Why do I have to explain this one, it’s like friggin obvious. Because I’m a total Disney addict/fan/obsessed person or w/e I LOVE to listen to the music they made for soundtracks and I even like the modern recordings for the Disney Mania CD collection. Every once in a while I put on my 5CD collection of ‘Disney’s 60 Years of Musical Magic’ with 125 songs. Sit back and enjoooooy xD


2. Ayumi Hamasaki – 1,596 plays
The official Queen of J-pop, and also my personal one. For a long time I had to struggle between Ayu and Kuu, but when I take out my little fictional checklist Ayu deserves more credit for her diversity and songwriter skills. I can’t get enough of her music, even though I had to get used to her voice when I started playing her music 5 years ago. Check out this live performance!!


3. Koda Kumi – 1,476 plays
Even though I prefer Ayu over Kuu sometimes doesn’t mean I don’t have my Kuu addiction moments. I have listened to her music a lot for the past couple of weeks and I believe she’s getting better with every release. Not all of her songs are masterpieces, but they don’t have to be. As long as her music stays enjoyable, I’m not complaining. For the video… I wonder what her future child will think of it when it’s grown up x]


4. alan – 555 plays
My Tibetan wail talent ❤ Her epic music is just what I mean when I say ‘into every genre’. It’s quite a pity she moved into more of a pop sound, but it also suits her I guess. Still, I love her epic songs most of all with the traditional Tibetan and Chinese feel to it.


5. SHINee – 439 plays
The best boy group ever, so to heck with the Backstreet Boys or Take That (even though thats mostly 90s music). Their looks don’t hurt either, and they’re simply too cute for words. I really like their musical style, which is very contemporary R&B with lots of good beats. I enjoy their music sooo much.


6. BoA – 437 plays
The greatest singer in South-Korea with the most crystal clear voice: that’s BoA to me. I love how she started her career in South-Korea and then extended it to Japan and the USA. Her uptempo music is catchy, her ballads are very beautiful and unique.


7. Christina Aguilera – 379 plays
She used to be the little girl with the big voice, and now she’s the grown-up girl with the big voice xD It almost seems like her vocal range extends with every release. I love how Christina can both belt out her lyrics with a deep chest voice and can sing in the whistle register! She’s one of the most influencial English artists.


8. BENI – 263 plays
The big surprise in this list, because I didn’t even give her music many plays before about March or so. But since I heard how good her voice sounds and how catchy her R&B beats are, I’m hooked to this girl and that only got worse when she released ‘Suki Dakara.’ and her latest album ‘Fortune’.


9. ayaka – 244 plays
If BENI was a newcomer, ayaka is even more of a newcomer because BENI had plays in the past year and for ayaka it’s been years since I last listened to her music. I already talked about what I like about ayaka in my ‘New Discoveries’ post, but to keep it short this time: her VOICE ❤ She has a unique raw voice which I love to death^^


10. Mariah Carey – 238 plays
The 238 plays for this artist are really the ‘fault’ of her album ‘Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel’, and then especially the single ‘Angels Cry’. I think I must have given it dozens of plays the past few months. Ofcourse Mariah can be the biggest diva around and she tends to exaggerate, but her voice is really one of a kind. I don’t even need to explain that fact, I guess xD


That’s 2011 in a nutshell for me! =D


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