BoA – Winter Love

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BoA – Winter Love

1. Winter Love
2. Candle Lights
3. LAST CHRISTMAS (Wham! cover)
4. Winter Love (TV Mix)
5. Candle Lights (TV Mix)

Winter Love is BoA’s 22nd Japanese single, released on November 1, 2006. It was used as the ending theme for NTV’s “Love Katsu” as well as the CM song for “”. It reached #2 on the Oricon charts and charted for 14 weeks. Because this single sold 86,752 copies in 2006, it became the #114 single of the year.

I felt like I had to review this single now (December 26) because of its winter/Christmas atmosphere. Winter Love is a beautiful winter power ballad and it captures me right from the start. It has more of a melancholy feel to it, but sometimes I find that even prettier than a joyful winter song. To my biggest surprise there was a wonderful electric guitar solo in the bridge. Those things always make me love a song even more. This is one of BoA’s prettiest power ballads ever.

Then Candle Lights is more R&B inspired with even some Spanish guitars in some parts of the track. Once you heard Winter Love, almost everything on the same CD sounds less good. But even though they’re two very different songs, this one withstands.

I’ve heard the original version of this song sooo many times the past week because of a junior project at school I had to help with (I actually had to sing this song x] ), but still I like LAST CHRISTMAS. BoA finally manages to improve her English! She also made this song even more Christmas-ish with the bells and quite an impressive synth sound. I know this song inside and out, and I’m impressed by BoA’s version.

Once again, a great single by BoA. Winter Love is a great melancholy winter ballad with lots of power and emotion to it, Candle Lights was more light spirited and LAST CHRISTMAS just completes this single entirely. It has all the aspects a really good single should have in my opinion. A darker ballad, an uplifting song and a classic song you can easily sing along to. Great single.

Favorite songs: Winter Love | LAST CHRISTMAS


4½ stars


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