BoA – Merry Christmas from BoA

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BoA – Merry Christmas from BoA

1. メリクリ
2. White Christmas (Irving Berlin cover)
3. 赤鼻のトナカイ
4. THE CHRISTMAS SONG (Mel Thormé cover)
5. First snow
6. メリクリ 2005 winter MIX

♦ ♦ ♦

Merry Christmas from BoA is the first digital mini-album released by South-Korean singer BoA on December 7, 2005. It was released in both Korea and Japan.

Ofcourse we have to kick off with メリクリ, the ultimate J-pop Christmas song. I really love how the song starts off very simple and emotional, and then it builds into a very strong kind of power ballad. The melody in the chorus is one of the prettiest I’ve ever heard, and the electric guitar solo playing that melody in the bridge gave me goosebumps! BoA proves she is one of the best singers in the Asian music industry, her vocal techniques are wonderful.

I’m glad her English improved a lot over the years, because in White Christmas it sounds… borderline terrible. Luckily I can still understand what she’s singing about. The nice thing about this song is that she starts with the traditional arrangement, but when she gets to the second part of the verse there’s a nice soft beat dropping in. The addition of the bells and strings is very catchy too. Nice way to make a real Christmas classic something that’s entirely your own.

Oh my gosh, 赤鼻のトナカイ has to be the most original Christmas song EVER. BoA took the ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ song and kind of remixed it like HECK. It’s a great uptempo song with synths and almost a kind of a brassy theme. Later she also sings the song in English, but it’s fun to actually hear this song with this arrangement, and in Japanese too!

THE CHRISTMAS SONG is a song I first heard when Christina Aguilera recorded her version, so I tend to compare every version to that one. So now we know BoA’s English still had to undergo some improvements at this time, but she actually managed to pull it off here. Her voice is very jazzy, and so is the music (it’s almost a bit like ‘Romance’ on Hurricane Venus). I’m not really into jazz, but I actually liked the solo in the bridge. Lucky for me, this song isn’t so damn slow. This one is at least just as good as the Christina version, haha.

First snow is more of a winter song than a Christmas song, maybe because it was also on her Japanese album OUTGROW as a bonus track. Compared to the rest of the album, it’s more of a ‘meh’ track. Ofcourse I like the entire feel of the song very much and BoA’s voice dazzles me, but it’s not until the very last part of the song that I actually feel it. Not her best, but definitely not her worst.

I feared an actual remix with dance beats and synths here, but thank God メリクリ 2005 winter MIX is a all-piano ballad! It’s an even more emotional approach to the original song, and here the electric guitar solo in the bridge is replaced by strings playing that melody. This song is the best ever, seriously ❤

Big love for this album! It’s just a digital release, but it was a really good one back when BoA’s Japanese career was really taking flight. I dub her the Asian Queen of Christmas Songs from now on. メリクリ is a real gift from heaven, I’ve never heard a  Christmas song more beautiful than that. New tradition for me: to play this album every year around Christmas time, MULTIPLE TIMES^^

Favorite songs: メリクリ | White Christmas | 赤鼻のトナカイ | メリクリ 2005 winter MIX


4½ stars


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