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SHAME ON ME for noticing too late, but I’ve been sooo freakin busy with school and work I didn’t even know:

Koda Kumi is getting married and she’s pregnant!!

This is so unbelieveable, my jaw dropped when I heard this was all happening. Kumi will marry BACK-ON’s guitarist and vocalist KENJI03 at the end of the month, and they’ll have their beautiful child in the summer of 2012!

From an interview for ‘Love Me Back”:
She mentioned that how much she wanted to tell the news to everyone right from her mouth and she didn’t mean to hide the news. She knew about the pregnancy after she came back from Singapore. She went to the doctor and the doctor said that she should wait for her condition to be stable first. She’s 8 weeks pregnant at the moment.
She was introduced to Kenji around Jan/Feb (before Spring) and became really close. She said that Kenji has a gentle heart which reminds her of Peter Pan (he treasures a heart of a child). She said that Kenji has a lot of parts which she can respect. Apparently there’s a lot of Kenji’s influence on her Japonesque album, as she received a lot of advices from him.
Even tho she’s just known him only for a while, but there’s a feeling of “Bond” since the first time they met, which she didn’t feel on her previous relationships.
They were nervous when they mentioned about it to Kuu’s parents. Kenji’s family (she mentioned that Kenji is half Japanese-Taiwanese) is very happy about the news.
She said that they plan to enter the family registration on Kenji’s dad’s death anniversary this month.
They’ve been discussing about marriage 3 months after they’ve been going out. But the proposal was after they found out that Kuu’s pregnant. She was proposed at home while having dinner. She said that Kenji is a really good cook.
She calls him Ken-chan, and Kenji calls her Kumi-chan.
Message for her fans: She would like to thank her fans for the support, and she hopes that she can continue to sing and be the stronger and more powerful Koda Kumi.’

The official announcement on her website:
“Hello everyone!
I wanted to report this to my fans first, but I discussed it with my doctor and was told not to make an announcement just yet since I’m not in my stable period of pregnancy. This is why I wasn’t able to report it to everyone at that time.

After the reports came out, a lot of people became confused. That wasn’t my intention, and so I decided to make this announcement earlier than scheduled.

At this time, I have been gifted with a new life! With this new life, I pray every day that the three of us will enjoy life as a family. I hope everyone will continue to watch over us with warm eyes.

As for the tour, I have my body to think about, so I am currently discussing it with my staff. I should be able to make an announcement early next week, so I hope you will all wait for me.”

Congratulations to Kuu and KENJI03 on their little miracle!


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