Best of 2011: ~New Discoveries~

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Another series of feature reviews in December! I’m going to continue the tradition I started last year, and I’m going to give you all the ins and outs on Music Addiction in 2011. Oh how time flies…

AFTERSCHOOL/After School/A.S. Red/A.S. Blue/Orange Caramel
Love them for: Their playful, edgy and sexy K-pop AND J-pop songs
Best tracks: Bang!, Diva, AH, LOVE LOVE LOVE, Shampoo

All the groups summed up above are actually the same, the last three being the amazing sub units of this eight member group. I don’t know how I first heard of them, but when I started out with their first single ‘New Schoolgirl’ I instantly liked the fact they’re almost an Asian surrogate for PCD. The sub units each have their particular style, with A.S. Red featuring a sexy and powerful concept, A.S. Blue being more innocent and Orange Caramel is the real happy slappy K-pop group with cute songs. They are very variated and that’s exactly what I need in a group for me to like or even love it.

Love her for: The amazing quality of her voice and her beautiful and sometimes emotional songs
Best tracks: I believe, melody, 三日月, WINDING ROAD × Kobukuro, Jewelry day

Ofcourse this is not a ‘real’ discovery, I already knew about ayaka when her first album was released in 2006 but I lost track of her for some years. In February this year I rediscovered her wonderful music and from that moment I was completely hooked to her songs and her beautiful raw voice. I was devestated when she announced her hiatus, but in October this year she announced she will make her comeback on February 1st with her new album ‘The beginning’!

Jessie J
Love her for: Her crazy style and unbelieveable vocal range
Best tracks: Nobody’s Perfect, Price Tag, Do It Like A Dude, Rainbow, Who’s Laughing Now

Ofcourse everyone who loves this girl started out with ‘Price Tag’, her amazingly catchy collaboration with B.o.B. . This track definitely triggered me to download all the above songs first, and when I loved those two, her album ‘Who You Are’ was next. This British girl has a huge voice, and they’re very well displayed in songs like ‘Nobody’s Perfect’. She’s gonna be big, I can tell.

Meisa Kuroki
Love her for: Her musical style; Pop/R&B and an occasional dance influenced track
Best tracks: SHOCK -運命-, SEX, Lost, Wired Life

I wouldn’t actually say this girl is reaaaaally special, but she stands out from the rest with her songs that instantly appealed to me. She’s not afraid to step outside the box (with songs such as ‘SEX’), and she combines her ‘independent woman’ attitude with sexy influences. Even though she doesn’t have the best vocals in the industry, there’s something about her that makes her a real stayer in my playlist.

Nicki Minaj
Love her for: Her badass ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude
Best tracks: Super Bass, Fly (feat. Rihanna), Save Me, Moment 4 Life (feat. Drake), Girls Fall Like Dominoes

I first knew Nicki Minaj as the girl ‘that appears on collab singles a lot’, but she is so much more than that. Foremost, she’s a rapper ofcourse, but this girl can actually sing! Her track ‘Save Me’ is a great example of this, her voice has a lot of musicality. Being a female rapper she stands tall thanks to her attitude and I like the fact she always tends to make funny faces and voices in her songs and clips.

Taylor Swift
Love her for: Her beautiful lyrics you can always identify with and her catchy country tunes
Best tracks: Love Story, Tim McGraw, Back To December, Teardrops On My Guitar, Our Song, Fifteen

Ofcourse I’ve know who Taylor is for years and years, but I didn’t really give her music a chance until a few weeks ago. My main reason: country is meh. I’M GONNA SWALLOW THOSE WORDS. Taylor made country music so enjoyable for me, and she has such good songwriting skills she can’t disappoint me at all. I like every song she makes, each one stands out and I totally understand why she’s such a huge talent in the music industry.


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