BoA – Milestone

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BoA – Milestone

1. Milestone
3. メリクリ ~BEST&USA Version~
4. Milestone -Instrumental-
5. I SEE ME -Instrumental-
6. メリクリ ~BEST&USA Version~ -Instrumental-

Milestone is the 32nd Japanese single released by Korean singer BoA on December 7, 2011. The title track was used as the audio-technica commercial song. “I SEE ME” is BoA’s first Japanese digital single and it was also used as the audio-technica commercial song. This release is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her career in Japan.

I really had no idea this single existed, shame on me. It really became shame on me once I heard how great the new song Milestone is, it’s such a pretty and heartfelt ballad with beautiful vocals by BoA. The thing that draws me most to her vocals when she sings in Japanese, is that she sings it in such a way that you have to listen to the words she’s singing. The aspect I also liked in this song is that there’s just a piano, strings and a choir, no percussion, and that makes this song simple yet stunning. But wtf is wrong with that ending…? BOOM, no more song all of a sudden.

I SEE ME is an older song already, but I still haven’t listened to it because it was ‘just’ a digital release. When you listen to the arrangement, this song is a bit in the style of her latest Korean album ‘Hurricane Venus’ with a little jazzy sound to it. It surprises me I like it this much, especially the chorus, and BoA sounds great herself too. She hits amazing high notes here in the second part of the song. This should’ve been a physical release.

And ofcourse, being a December release, this single must have a Christmas song. So BoA brought back メリクリ ~BEST&USA Version~, that is more poppy than an actual Christmas song but the bells and the melody in the chorus really do give it that magical holiday spirit. This has to be one of the prettiest Christmas songs ever released, for sure.

This single has no uptempo tracks, only ballads, but I think this is a huge plus because BoA is a queen in doing ballads. No one can sing them like she does, so it doesn’t even matter there’s only one new song on this single. She backed it up with two amazing, magnificent songs, one even being a classic in her discography (メリクリ). A great way to celebrate her 10th, happy Japanese anniversary BoA!


5 stars

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