Ayumi Hamasaki – Depend on you

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Ayumi Hamasaki – Depend on you

1. Depend on you “Original Mix”
2. Two of us “Original Mix”
3. Depend on you “Dub’s electro Remix”
4. Depend on you “44XL DUB”
5. Depend on you “BODYGUARD MIX”
7. Two of us “touch of mahogany mix”
8. Depend on you “Original Mix -Instrumental-”

Depend on you is the fifth single released by Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki on December 9, 1998. The single reached #6 on the Oricon charts and stayed on the charts for a total of nine weeks. During its first week the single sold 36,840 copies, since then the single has sold a total of 131,460 copies. In 2001, the single was re-relased in 12cm format with new remixes. This release reached #27 on Oricon and stayed on the charts for three weeks.

Depend on you “Original Mix” is one of Ayu’s earlier songs that already features all the elements of a pop/rock song, and I believe this is her most agressive song from the ‘A Song for ××’ era. It grew on me very quickly and I have come to like it very much because of her nice vocals, the style of the song and ofcourse the electric guitar solo near the end of the song.

As expected, Two of us “Original Mix” had to be a ballad and it’s a pretty nice one indeed. The chorus is the definite highlight of the song, and even though the song overall tends to drag after a while, I still wanna keep listening to it because of the charming quality of the chorus. The song is borderline R&B, a style Ayu hasn’t used much in her discography, but she tackles it with style.

I immediately thought Depend on you “Dub’s electro Remix” was going to be pretty much of a disaster because it drops right in with this superheavy beat with synths. Moreover, I always hate how in remixes little pieces of lines sung by the singer are repeated over and over. In this case, it’s the first two words of the chorus, ‘Anata ga‘. The rest of the remix was okay, but oh how I hated these parts…

And they do the same thing with Depend on you “44XL DUB”. And don’t get me wrong, these remixes are pretty hot but there are certainly some things I’m on the fence with here. In this case it’s the repetitive lines problem. Another problem with this one is that they just placed a random, ongoing melody under the vocals and it just doesn’t fit.

Some random sounds opened Depend on you “BODYGUARD MIX”, but it got a little better after that. This remix’s arrangement is literally all over the place with lots of synths and heavy, altered guitar effects. Some effects were a little over the top and started to get on my last nerves, but this was the better remix of the three for the A-side (even though it still had THE problem).

Two of us “PPS CONNECTION MIX” was something I really needed at this point after getting so worked up about the previous remixes. In this case, what they did is basically taking the original song and putting another percussion rhythm under it with more bounce to it and adding a little organ-like effect. A breath of fresh air if you ask me, especially because of the choir.

Two of us “touch of mahogany mix” was a very nice spin on the original, because here a ballad has been turned into a funky R&B song with a nice percussion rhythm and some nice altered guitar riffs. There isn’t much variety in the arrangement, but the originality of the song already does it for me.

Except for the original songs and the remixes for Two of us, this single was the big bummer of the ‘A Song for ××’ era. I couldn’t stand the remixes for Depend on you, but when I don’t think about those, the single is actually worth something. Depend on you was original for being an agressive song, Two of us had quite an addictive chorus. Guess that gives this single a little more pro’s than con’s.


3 stars


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