Koda Kumi – Love Me Back

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Koda Kumi – Love Me Back

1. Love Me Back
2. Say Her Name
3. Love Me Back (Andy Price Remix)

Love Me Back is the 52nd single released by Japanese singer Koda Kumi on November 30, 2011. The title track will be used as the opening theme song for the drama Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de. The CD+Goods edition comes with an original large pouch.

It’s been said many times before ever since the preview had been released, but Love Me Back is very similar to Cherry Girl, a single released back in 2005 or something. There are ofcourse some big differences as well, and personally I think this song kicks some more serious ass when it comes to the arrangement. It’s a bit repetitive with the line ‘Diamonds and sapphires and you, oh my!‘, but overall it’s a nice single.

Say Her Name is a more laid back R&B track with lovely acoustic guitars and a nice popping beat. I feel the lyrics, how strange it may seem, so I instantly have a connection with this song. Given the fact that it’s very smooth and easy on the ears makes me love this song even more. In my opinion, this is the better track on the single. I bet it’s just me, but I like the relaxed quality of this song more than the A-side.

Love Me Back (Andy Price Remix) is a ‘real’ remix. I mean, it just features a big arrangement of synths and subwoofer-like effects to make the original song even more kickass. Ofcourse it’s a well-known fact I’m not into remixes and I really have to get used to this one, but once it grew on me I could really dig it. A huge plus is the length of the song; the original was way too short and this remix gives us one complete extra minute to listen to the song. Nice remix.

I’ve been waiting for, like, forever for this single, but I must say it didn’t quite meet my expectations. Ofcourse it was pretty awesome and stuff, but isn’t the A-side a clone of an older song? It sort of lacks inspiration in the creative process of Kuu’s career, but I have to admit it must be hard to come up with some original material after 53 singles. I will definitely not downgrade this single, I just set my expectations too high but that doesn’t count in the rating.


4 stars


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