It’s a small world after all .___.

November 29, 2011 at 7:44 PM | Posted in !Random! | Leave a comment

So I’ve just found out this crazy thing, and I’m soooo not kidding here.

You guys all know DJ Afrojack I presume? Right…? Bet you do, he worked with Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and of course Ne-Yo and Beyoncé. Who doesn’t know the smash hit ‘Give Me Everything’ featuring Pitbull, Ne-Yo and Nayer. So, what I found out a couple of months ago is that this DJ Afrojack, commonly known as Nick van de Wall, went to the same high school as me! Just think, that means my sister was in high school with him (he’s only three years her senior). There’s more (FML that I never even met this guy in real life..):

– He was born and raised here in this town, just like me
– His mother used to be my dancing teacher a few years ago
– He lives like a few blocks away from my house o.O
– He was the DJ at our school proms

This is a real FML moment for me: Paris Hilton was HERE just a little while ago! Right here, in this weird little Rotterdam ‘suburb’-ish town. She even went to our local fastfood restaurant, how weird (or cool) is that!?

So this may not be of any importance to this blog but hey, I think everyone who lives in the same town with a famous DJ will be thrilled to find out all these little details. I mean… all this time DJ Afrojack lived about 3 miles from my house. Crazy xD

So if you still don’t know who this guy is, maybe you know this song he made with another Dutch performer: singer Eva Simons.


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