Ayumi Hamasaki – Trust

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Ayumi Hamasaki – Trust

1. Trust “Original Mix”
2. Trust “Acoustic Version”
7. Trust “Original Mix – Instrumental”

Trust is the third single released by Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki on August 5, 1998. Trust was used as the Kao Sofina “AUBE Rouge Filia” CM song. This single reached #9 on the Oricon charts (her first single in the top ten), charted for ten weeks and sold a total of 181,820 copies. The single was re-released in 2001 on a 12cm format with extra remix songs. This time around the single reached #29 and charted for two weeks.

Trust “Original Mix” is one of Ayu’s older songs that are actually good but weren’t very well known to me for a long time. And in the case of this one right here, it’s quite a shame. Her vocals still weren’t what they are today, but the musicality of this girl was already visible at the time of the release of this single. The arrangement sounds pretty dated nowadays, but it’s a pretty track with strings, a piano and good percussion. Considering the style it’s like a precursor of her contemporary musical sound.

Just like with the previous single, Trust “Acoustic Version” is better than the original version because it seems to suit her vocals much better in some kind of way. It opens beautiful with a piano and a harmonica, a combination that isn’t much used in her music as far as I know. Not until the song ‘November’ on ‘Love songs’ (2010) at least. Anyway, I really like the magical feel this acoutic version has, and I’m so glad she released an acoustic remix album this year so I can listen to songs like this one even more.

There are four remixes on this single, and one is for a non-single song on her debut album. POWDER SNOW “DEE MIX” actually makes me think of powder snow because of the bells that are quite ubiquitous in the introduction of the song. They keep giving a magical touch to the song all the way through, and in my opinon it makes up for the fact that the melody of the music sometimes doesn’t fit Ayu’s vocal melody. This remix has a nice funky beat, and comes off more as a re-arranged version than as a real remix with synths and pumping beats and all, if you know what I mean.

Trust “DJ SOMA GROW SOUND MIX” is the same kind of remix. It’s more of a re-arranged song rather than a remix. In this track, her vocals also suit the music more than in the original version and the music is less dated here. The music consists of a piano, electric guitars, strings and percussion, and the entire arrangement is very enjoyable. Can’t believe this is a remix, because I actually like it and I’m the kind of person that really loathes remixes xD

Trust “EDDY YAMAMOTO CLUB MIX” is a strange blend of factors here. It’s smooth, almost like an R&B track, but there’s something to the percussion that isn’t quite right if you ask me. It’s almost distorted, and if there’s anything that shouldn’t be distorted, it’s a percussion beat. But nonetheless, it’s another original remix with lots of enjoyable elements and again Ayu’s vocals come out better.

Then we have the real club banger out of the bunch, Trust “GROOVE THAT SOUL MIX”, the one that was also featured on Ayu’s very first remix album ‘ayu-mi-x’ (1999). It starts off quite simple in the beginning, but after two minutes the synths become more and more dominant and the beat increases. Take the original song, speed it up and add some synthesizers to it and you got this. Luckily I’m in the mood for a song like this right now, so I can appreciate it even more. Less original than the rest, but more club ready.

Already in this stage of her career, Ayu released some damn good songs and singles. The main reason why I’m reviewing this era right now (yes, more to come asap), is because I like the era when I listen to it while I’m doing my homework or something like that (activities that require more attention than the music). Now I’m investigating if I still like it when I put my critic cap on, and so far my investigation is heading towards a positive close. We’re not there yet, but Ayu had a real good single on her hands with this one.


4½ stars

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