Just for fun: my ‘graduation speech’

October 16, 2011 at 11:49 AM | Posted in !Random! | Leave a comment

Well, it’s not really a graduation speech I’m going to post here. In out yearbook, we all have to write something that will be placed next to our latest school picture. I thought mine was pretty well done for someone who always lacks inspiration, so I translated the whole thing here, haha.

“In the six years we spent at school (without doubling a year ofcourse), pupils tend to change a lot. I am no exception myself. From diligent and obedient freshman to stubborn senior with her own view on the world and criticism about rules. Excuses when being too late for school? I don’t wanna blow my cover, for that matter I haven’t been very examplary. Missteps? Where shall I begin? It’s clear very quickly: since I came to this school as a 12-year-old freshman I’ve changed a lot.
But that can also be concidered positive. Through all the people you meet, the places you go, you get to learn to know yourself. You explore your limits. I’ve made that journey with both classmates and teachers. I think I won’t forget the fun I had with my Economics teacher, or my always cheerful Music teacher.
When I get to receive this yearbook on my 18th birthday, I’ve had six interesting years which I will long remember.”

I’m not exactly Carrie Bradshaw, but it will do, right? We have to limit the words to about 150, but I always have more to say so I have 192 words in the original Dutch version xD  Just a little fun thing from ‘my life outside of the blog’ that I wanted to share!

More reviews coming up ofcourse, because we have autumn break this week!

Take care,


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