BENI – Darlin’

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BENI – Darlin’

1. Darlin’
2. Suki Dakara. (BACHLOGIC REMIX) (好きだから。)
3. Anything Goes!! (DJ cool-k Remix)
4. Darlin’ (Instrumental)

Darlin’ is the 21st single by Japanese/American singer BENI, released on October 12, 2011.

YEAY *claps hands*. Finally I got to listen to this single, and I’m very surprised about how they arranged Darlin’. This song is almost like a crazy little blend of different styles; the modern synths BENI likes to use in her songs and then there is the interesting percussion sound and the little sitar effects in the chorus that make the song a little oriental. I also really like BENI’s vocal techniques, especially in the chorus. It’s like she finally has the confidence to speak up, she’s fierce! In my opinion, this girl’s goal was to stun me with this last A-side before the release of Fortune on November 2. Mission accomplished!

Dang, I can dig Suki Dakara. (BACHLOGIC REMIX) (好きだから。), and especially the new R&B/Hiphop flavor it tends to have at some points in the song. The percussion has an amazing flow, and all the new elements added in this remix go so well with the original song (which is quite a crucial point for me because I’m so much in love with the original). All of BENI’s remixes are good, but this one can go straight to my fav’s list.

Okay, they might have over-exagerated the bombastic intro into Anything Goes!! (DJ cool-k Remix) a bit, and I still hear pretty much of the original song, but still. It’s already quite a dream come true that there’s an actual remix of Anything Goes!! off her album Bitter & Sweet (2009). It’s not much of a REmix, but my guess is that they added even more synths to this already quite aggressive song. And I still like it just as much as I did before.

This single has the magical elements of balance that every single should have if you ask me. It has a beautiful ballad, remixed in this case but it still has the ballad flavor. The A-side is a nice midtempo song with both modern arrangements and little traditional effects and the last remix is a pumping uptempo song with a lot of attitude. Well, need I say more? You can always disagree, but I think BENI reached the pinnacle of her career since Lovebox. Everything she releases exites me so much, I am a really big fan of hers. I think I’m even gonna be a Fortune stan before its release!


5 stars


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