BENI – Suki Dakara.

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BENI – Suki Dakara.

1. Suki Dakara.
2. One In A Million
3. Suki Dakara. (Instrumental)
4. One In A Million (Instrumental)

Suki Dakara. is the 19th single released by Japanese/American singer BENI. The title track has been downloaded, from Chaku-Uta, over a 100,000 times. The single reached #46 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for two weeks.

I have come to love this girl over the past few months, and Suki Dakara. doesn’t disappoint either. BENI often gets the comment that her music sounds too much alike all the time, but that doesn’t go for his song at all. I really like the melody in the chorus, she also sings it very well with her warm voice. This midtempo song is made from strings, bells, a piano and soft percussion, and the combination gives me one of the best BENI songs to date.

One In A Million is slightly more uptempo and the cheerful pop song on the single. BENI tends to include infectious piano tunes in her songs (listen to Koi Kogarete off her album Bitter & Sweet for example), and thats exactly what opens the song and what drew my attention from the start. I like her vocals here too, but when I listen to this song I definitelt think Suki Dakara. was the better song. Luckily that one is the A-side, but this track isn’t a bad one either.

This is the first single for the Fortune-era, that just got announced. November 2, 2011, everyone! She already nails it with this single, and I definitely hope that Suki Dakara. will be one of the first songs on it because I really love it! I wouldn’t mind if One In A Million is included as well, but it’s just a B-side and it’s not a priority if you ask me. Other than that, this is a great single, I can really recommend this one.


4½ stars

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