BENI – Koe wo Kikasete / crazy girl

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BENI – Koe wo Kikasete / crazy girl

1. Koe wo Kikasete (声を聞かせて)
2. crazy girl
3. Koe wo Kikasete (声を聞かせて) (Instrumental)
4. crazy girl (Instrumental)

Koe wo Kikasete / crazy girl  is the 20th single by Japanese/American singer BENI, released on September 14, 2011. In its first week, the single sold 1,417 copies and it landed on the #49 spot in the Oricon Weekly Charts.

Koe wo Kikasete (声を聞かせて) starts off as a real soft, heartfelt ballad with only a piano accompanying BENI, but soon in the first chorus, a guitar and some soft R&B-ish percussion drop in. The slow paced ballad-like quality remains throughout the song, but I really think the other instruments add just that little more flavor to the song. It’s a bit different from her usual sound, but just slightly, and I admire her vocals in this song (sounds like a pretty difficult chorus to sing). Especially her adlibs stun me.

I already thought crazy girl would be an uptempo song, but I really didn’t expect the tough club banging song we have here! The song comes bursting right in with synths, beats and some pretty agressive vocals in the chorus by BENI. She is usually known for her midtempo R&B tracks, but apparently she can sport dance tracks very well too. It surprised me even more because this is a huge step away from her usual stuff. Crazy girl? I would rather call this a crazy song (and that’s positive)!

The second single for the Fortune-era, and slightly better than the first for featuring the two aspects I like best in a single: a slower paced song and an uptempo clubbanger. I love me some contrast, hehe. And BENI pulled it off like no one else can, she is so versatile she keeps surprising me with everything she does. So, I’m very curious what Darlin’, her next single, will be. October 12, 2011, and then we’ll know. I surely can’t wait now!


5 stars

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