Koda Kumi – 4 TIMES

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Koda Kumi – 4 TIMES

1. Introduction ~sunny time~
2. Poppin’love cocktail feat. TEEDA
3. Interlude ~sunset time~
5. Interlude ~midnight time~
6. V.I.P.
7. Interlude ~time to… love~

4 TIMES is the 50th single released by Japanese singer Koda Kumi. It was released in four different versions: a CD only edition, a CD+DVD edition, a limited CD+Qlix Digital Camera edition and a limited CD+Postcard edition. Both limited editions only contain the song “Poppin’love cocktail”. The limited CD+Postcard edition was sold out on the first pre-order day!

I really followed the news on this single from the very beginning, even back when it was still promoted as ‘V.I.P.’, but I didn’t notice the interludes and Introduction ~sunny time~ until today! Well, the title sure is good because it reminds me of the sounds of a careless summer day, riding across the beach (wave sounds) in a car with the radio on and your windows wide open. Nice ambience, but quite useless if I have to be honest.

The first full track is Poppin’love cocktail feat. TEEDA, and my first thought on this song was that it is pretty good, but it also could’ve worked without that TEEDA guy. Think Hashire! with a lot of energy, electric guitars and percussion beats. A rap doesn’t really fit the song’s genre in my opinion, but collaborations like these always seem to appeal to me in some way. I loved Kuu’s parts and the very last section of the song near the end. Still, we gotta lose that TEEDA.

The clock and waves from the interlude come back in Interlude ~sunset time~, a very short interlude but it leads very well into the next full track with that breezy sunset feeling.

IN THE AIR was the very first song that really caught my attention because of the ambience it has. Like I said before, kinda fits a little sunset beach party. Some people say this is a fluffy and cute pop song, but I think it simply works without being fluffy at all. In fact, it has a little attitude to it with some of those electric guitar riffs and synths. I love everything about this track!

Interlude ~midnight time~ sounds a little crowded for midnight, but oh well, a nice little sample of the next track is in there!

The song with the most attitude of all has to be V.I.P., a random type of song but strangely enough I really like it. I especially love the autotuned line ‘V. I. P you and me, party, getting dirty on me‘, but the rest of the lyrics are blandly about typical partying. What Kuu DID do right with that is singing this song in such a good way to not make it as bland as it could’ve been. Even that little moaning she does in some parts of the song, you gotta admit it makes the song a standout. Such a contrast with IN THE AIR.

Interlude ~time to… love~ is just random with dance music in the background, people talking and something that sounds like Kuu changing her clothes.

KO-SO-KO-SO is the last song of the bunch, and pretty addictive so beware of this one! Once you heard the ‘KO-SO-KO-SO‘ line in the chorus, you’re into it. It’s a song that mostly relies on its synth melodies and it’s very short, but really fun to listen to and also one of the better songs of the four. Still not my favorite, but at least Kuu provided some nice sexy vocals here without overdoing it (like she does sometimes).

Not unlike other fans, I’ve waited so long for this single and now I finally heard it for the first time as a whole. And damn, I’m pleased! Not every song is going to be a favorite of mine, but I don’t mind it if they’ll all be included on her next studio album for sure. Every song has that special something, a little extra to really make them all memorable, piece by piece. The introduction and interlude could’ve been left out and it would still be a great single if you ask me. Now let’s wait for Ai wo Tomenaide, I’m sure it will be a ballad after four uptempo songs!


4½ stars


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