Namie Amuro – NAKED / Fight Together / Tempest

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Namie Amuro – NAKED / Fight Together / Tempest

2. Fight Together
3. Tempest
4. NAKED (Extended Instrumental)
5. Fight Together (Instrumental)
6. Tempest (Instrumental)

NAKED / Fight Together / Tempest is the 35th single released by Japanese singer Namie Amuro on July 27, 2011. It was released in two versions: a CD+DVD edition and a CD-only edition. The song “NAKED” was used as Kose’s “ESPRIQUE” commercial song, “Fight Together” was used as the theme song to anime ONE PIECE and “Tempest” will be the theme song of a historical drama of the same name.

NAKED appears to be a very energetic song and I really like the synth sounds in this one. This beats Break It for sure. I also notice that this track features some more instrumental parts, the music is the centre point. Combined with Namie’s all time good and solid vocals, she provided us with one pumping track here, even including a nice dance break.

I immediately liked Fight Together because it has a lot of attitude and it almost reminded me of a BoA song (I think it was fallin’, but it could be just me). It’s a nice little hybrid of dance beats, synths and some nice brassy parts right before the chorus. This was the perfect track for Namie to show her vocals have become stronger over the years.

I’m not surprised Tempest is the ballad track of the single, and I instantly fell in love with the melody of the song. Even better, I just said her vocals have become better over the years but here she just took that to another level. I was waiting for a real dramatic and mysterious Namie song for a long time and here it finally is, I love this song and in my opinion it’s the best on the single.

Shame on me, I waited too long to review this single. Now I regret it because it turns out to be her best in years. I totally forgot about Break It/Get Myself Back, now it’s all about this one. I think Namie drew all attention again, and I really hope these tracks will be featured on a new album. If she goes on like this, it can’t go wrong anymore. I fell in love with this single…!


5 stars


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