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1. Nanika Hitotsu feat. JAY’ED & Wakadanna
2. Moshimo Negai ga Kanau Nara
4. Kore Ijou Yasashikushinai de
5. Itsumademo
7. Arigatou MY FRIEND
8. Cherry
9. Chiisana Shiawase
10. Arigatou
11. BOND ~Kizuna~ feat. Wakadanna

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SKY is the fourth studio album by Japanese/Taiwanese-Aboriginal singer JAMOSA and the third to be released by the avex trax label. The album was released on May 11, 2011 and has sold 16,434 copies to date.

Nanika Hitotsu feat. JAY’ED & Wakadanna is opened by all artists singing the chorus acapella, and they immediately drew my attention. JAMOSA’s voice is something I need to get used to, a higher pitched voices and a bit nasal but pleasant all the same. The hooks feature some nice raps, and the chorus is very catchy. It is repeated quite often during the last portion of the song, but it’s quite good so I don’t mind.

Moshimo Negai ga Kanau Nara is a nice uptempo song that starts off as a midtempo R&B song, but then it evolves into a more poppy song with a little edge (the electric guitar riffs). The song has a constant beat and sometimes a little percussion break in the hooks and JAMOSA’s vocals are very good here.

This next track has a very summerish vibe to it; BEAUTIFUL WORLD feat. KG & AILI, probably due to the nice piano melody and light strings in the background. JAMOSA’s vocals fit this kind of songs very neatly, since her voice is high and the music is very lighthearted as well. The male singer (I don’t know which one of the two, sorry) does a good job as well and everyone who worked on this song tried very heart to make the best result possible. If you ask me, they succeeded with this nice summer pop song.

Kore Ijou Yasashikushinai de is the first ballad on the album and also the first song to have a little Urban flavor to it. This song features JAMOSA’s best vocal performance yet on this album with a lot of emotion in her voice and she shows she can hit some pretty high notes with her voice as well. I love the strings arrangement and the deep percussion. The piano adds something special too, especially near the end of the song. I love this track pretty much actually.

Itsumademo also kicks off with an amazing piano melody, after which one of my favorite percussion rhythm and synth pattern follows into another nice Urban midtempo song. It’s something Koda Kumi could’ve done easily as well, and since she always makes some good music this is a real compliment for JAMOSA. This time, the viola gives an even more emotional effect to the song, and I love how addictive this song sounds overall. JAMOSA’s vocals keep getting better, her performance here was incredible for someone with a voice quality like hers.

This album also has an interlude, the instrumental SKY IS THE LIMIT. It consists of deep, almost mysterious percussion and a nice piano melody. It lasts for only a minute, but it’s a nice interlude.

Good thing to get back to the uptempo songs again with Arigatou MY FRIEND. This is more of an average song if you ask me, it follows a typical arrangement but I must say it’s quite a joyful song. I don’t dig the chorus very much, the verses are better, but I surely wouldn’t discard this song at all. It’s a real feelgood song with nice handclaps, bells and a constant beat.

Another ballad? Cherry this time, and it features only a piano so the song is a very intimate one. Later on, a little acoustic guitar and conga drums quietly join the piano. JAMOSA’s vocals are very emotional again, and even though she sounded a little like a better version of misono at first, she got better while the song progressed. The song stays relaxed all the way, and in the end it was another great ballad.

Chiisana Shiawase is a midtempo Urban song with a nice catchy rhythm to it. The song already has a nice acoustic guitar playing during the start, but the beats with handclaps and synth riffs that follows give the song extra appeal. It’s not the best song off the album, but it has something that makes me listen all the way through. For the first time, JAMOSA really puts some attitude in her voice, her vocals are amazing in this song.

Arigatou is a very interesting track. It has the quality of a ballad, or at least a midtempo song, but it has a strong drum arrangement to spice it up a little more. The entire ambience of the song seems to have something magical with little sparkling sounds during the chorus and a bit of a light melody. I love how JAMOSA says ‘The greatest love of all time‘ right after the chorus, and also how the song keeps on growing until the strong and moving end. The soft guitar solo as the last part of the song is outstanding.

BOND ~Kizuna~ feat. Wakadanna starts off very cute with a harp. I was glad to hear this was another midtempo Urban track, I love this genre with JAMOSA’s voice. She kept her performance very soft and sweet, but then Wakadanna comes right in and his vocals are fucked up pretty bad. He’s more the type for the hardcore rap track, not for this. Rude wake up call. But okay, it has its appeal here, I think I can get used to it. And even though this single didn’t even reach the 1,000 copies sold, I really liked this song once I got used to Wakadanna. It’s like a cute music box song and a nice way to end the album.

This was my first encounter with JAMOSA’s music, and I think I’ll download her older albums soon after this. At first I was a bit unsure about her vocals and what kind of music she makes, many people disliked this album and commented ‘RIP Urban JAMOSA’, and my ears may deceive me but I still heard some pretty nice Urban tracks on this album that are sure worth a good amount of listening. So I take JAMOSA’s side here and I think this is a pretty good album. It might have a few minor flaws, but hey, no one’s perfect. She varied very well between the ballads and the midtempo tracks, and she even put some uptempo songs on the album. Seems to me like she gave it her best shot, her music is high quality. She has a new listener, people, and that’s me^^

Favorite tracks: Nanika Hitotsu feat. JAY’ED & Wakadanna | BEAUTIFUL WORLD feat. KG & AILI | Kore Ijou Yasashikushinai de | Itsumademo | Arigatou | BOND ~Kizuna~ feat. Wakadanna


4 stars


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