Lady Gaga – Judas

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Lady Gaga – Judas

1. Judas

Judas is the tenth single by American singer-songwriter Lady Gaga, released on April 15, 2011. The song was less well received then Born This Way when looking at the charts: the highest was #3 in the French charts, with #4 in Ireland and #5 in Italy following. The Catholic League condemned Lady Gaga for her role of Mary Magdalene and for releasing the single near Holy Week and Easter.

I never heard a song like this one before, it’s quite interesting to say the least. The song opens with Gaga singing ‘Ohh, I’m in love with Judas‘ while synths are building, after which an electronic beat drops in with Gaga uttering Judas’ name like she does in ‘Bad Romance’, it can be compared to that. In the verses, Gaga immitates a Carribean accent, but in my opinion she tried to hard, it doesn’t fit either her or the song. The chorus is much lighter than the rest of the song and it’s quite simple. Sounds a bit like ’80’s music, and it fits Gaga’s usual style. In the bridge there was one thing that immediately caught my attention: Gaga’s vocals. In that part of the song, her vocals were so clear and pretty, and those are the times when I love her voice most.

Music Video


4 stars


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