Kahi – Dorawa Nappeun Neo

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Kahi – Dorawa Nappeun Neo

1. Dorawa Nappeun Neo (돌아와 나쁜 너)
2. One Love
3. Seonmul (선물)
4. Roller Coaster (롤러코스터)

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Dorawa Nappeun Neo (The First Mini Album) is the first mini album by Korean pop singer and occasional rapper Kahi, who is also the leader of the Korean girl group After School. The mini album was released on February 14, 2011. This review was a request by my best friend Marcella^^

Dorawa Nappeun Neo (돌아와 나쁜 너) starts off with a beautiful piano melody and some good melodic vocals by Kahi. Later, a soft but fast beat drops in and Kahi raps some of her lyrics (she has a good and fierce voice for rapping). Appears Kahi’s thing is the dance/pop music, the beats and synths are blazing but yet there’s the classic aspect with the piano, which is prominantly there. I love Kahi’s voice, I can get to know it better know without the other girls from After School.

The next song, One Love, is very different from the title track because it’s much more R&B orientated. The piano again gives a soft hince to the song while the beat features handclaps and a deep bass, it’s a very good mix to make this music pleasant to listen to. Kahi can even display her lovely vocals even more now, and she has a great vocal range for belting out her lyrics now and then. I loved the electric guitar solo in the bridge, very edgy.

Seonmul (선물) is the next ballad track and it starts off very intimate and soft. BoA anyone? This is exactly the kind of song BoA would do on IDENTITY or HURRICANE VENUS with a soft beat, many strings and a piano melody woven through the song. Now I’d like to make clear that by now I like Kahi’s vocals a little over BoA’s, Kahi’s vocals are much more clear. And in a power ballad like this, with such a powerful bridge and last chorus, she gives a perfect vocal performance with a lot of strong notes.

I get army vibes from some parts in Roller Coaster (롤러코스터), and then I mean some of the drum parts because the rest of the song is mainly focused on dance beats, synths and a very uptempo arrangement in the first place. It’s a very fierce song at some points, but at other points it can come out very lighthearted and I think Kahi tackled it like a pro.

Kahi should deserve more attention, because she really is a good singer and performer. Luckily she sings more than she raps, but in the opening track she showed her voice is not only clear and has a perfect vocal range, but she can also bring a certain depth into her voice to make it fiercer and perform a very strong and solid rap. She comes off as very diverse, and it’s a shame that in Korea they release mini albums most of the time instead of full studio albums. Look at the other After School sub unit, Orange Caramel, they released two mini albums and not a single studio album yet, just like After School themselves. Kahi should do more with her solo carreer in the future, she’s a nice addition to the Asian music culture.

Favorite songs: Dorawa Nappeun Neo (돌아와 나쁜 너) | One Love | Seonmul (선물) | Roller Coaster (롤러코스터)


5 stars

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