BENI – Yurayura / Gimme Gimme♥

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BENI – Yurayura / Gimme Gimme♥

1. Yurayura
2. Gimme Gimme♥
3. bye bye DJ HASEBE REMIX
4. Yurayura (Instrumental)
5. Gimme Gimme♥ (Instrumental)

Yurayura / Gimme Gimme♥ is the 16th single by Japanese singer BENI, and it was released on May 5, 2010. The single reached #20 on the Oricon weekly charts, where it charted for three weeks and sold 5,227 copies.

Yeay, more upbeat from BENI, I love this girl. Yurayura does not only feature a good beat for dancing and some synths, but the more classical instruments are prominently there as well, such as some strings and a piano. It’s a very good mix between those instruments. BENI’s vocals are altered in some parts when she sings ‘Can’t let you go‘, and it gives the song some spice. Jealous of her vocals, really, I want ’em. Catchy song!

Gimme Gimme♥ is the cuter A-side here, it’s the one that fits the cover most. Some of the lyrics are fun, like BENI’s counting in the verses (‘1-2 shinkokyuushite, 3-4 kimi o mitsume‘ and ‘Gimme gimme your love sotto‘). I may like Yurayura over this one, but this isn’t bad either for sure! It gives the perfect R&B feel with the clap beat, chimes and synth riffs.

Okay from now on I’m gonna love the DJ HASEBE REMIX tracks every time they come along, here’s another good one! bye bye DJ HASEBE REMIX is very different from the original, because it features more of  a beat (that lovely drum beat is to die for) and the synths are gone now. Sometimes this DJ HASEBE can even make a song better, but let’s not forget the good original track.

And all of the songs above are featured on the album Lovebox! Sounds awesome to me, because all of the singles for this album got five stars from me (yes, this one too, just look below!). BENI fully recaptured my attention with Sign, bye bye and this double A-side single, so I won’t keep this story on for too long. Let’s just say I’m not done with her yet, there’s a new star added to my fav’s list!

Favorite songs: Yurayura | Gimme Gimme♥  | bye bye DJ HASEBE REMIX


5 stars

BENI – bye bye

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BENI – bye bye

1. bye bye
2. Stylish
3. Sign DJ HASEBE REMIX (サイン)
4. bye bye (Instrumental)

bye bye is the 15th single by Japanese singer BENI, and it was released on March 10, 2010. The single reached #57 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 1,485 copies.

No surprise bye bye is a midtempo R&B song, but BENI always knows how to give her songs a certain spark. This song is made up from a good bass heavy beat, synths and at some points even a piano, and it gives one heck of a song, I really like it. The chorus is very catchy (‘Itsumo no bye, bye‘), and over the past few months I really have fallen in love with BENI’s voice and how she hits her high notes.

Stylish on the other hand is an uptempo track and follows more of a dance/pop pattern with more synths. BENI sounds very fierce here, and this genre suits her very well too. She should step out of the all time midtempo R&B’s on her albums and put something like this track on them much more. I love her ‘I’m so into you‘ line in the bridge, this track is very solid and never gets boring.

I love how the new heavy drum beat carries Sign DJ HASEBE REMIX (サイン), which is also a little more uptempo than the original. I remember loving Sign pretty much, the piano melody was very pretty and I’m glad it’s still here. BENI’s vocals are also top notch, very peaceful in the verses and then she comes out classy during the chorus. DJ HASEBE has done a great job on this one, I love it!

So basically all I have to say is that from now on, I will review and listen to BENI’s music a lot more. I always thought she was good, ever since I reviewed her album Bitter and Sweet (exactly half a year ago XD), but I kinda stuck to my all time Ayu and Kuu listens. I have to get myself into a BENI fandom now, I can’t ignore this girl any longer, she’s way too good and I love the light R&B quality of her voice. I need some more of this!


5 stars

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