Nami Tamaki – Ready

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Nami Tamaki – Ready

1. Girlie Night feat. Girl’s Day
2. Missing You ~Time To Love~ feat. KWANGSOO, JIHYUK, GEONIL (from Choshinsei)
3. My Boy
4. Tsuyogari to ka, Iranai n’ da ne. (強がりとか、いらないんだね。)
5. Just Dance
6. My Style
7. Signal
8. Good-bye

♦ ♦ ♦

Ready is the sixth studio album by Japanese singer Nami Tamaki, and it was released on February 23, 2011. It was released in both a CD only version and a Limited Edition version. It’s Nami’s shortest album to date, and the album was preceeded by only one single, Missing You ~Time To Love~.

Girlie Night feat. Girl’s Day kicks off the album, and it’s an electropop song with a lot of synthesizers. It’s a collaboration with the K-pop group Girl’s Day, who are said to be new in the business but don’t ask me, I don’t know them, hehe. Nami has a surprisingly good voice, this is my first encounter with her music, really. I’m impressed, she’s fancy. All of the girls, including Nami herself ofcourse, deliver good vocals and Girl’s Day is a nice addition although Nami takes the spotlight.

The male who had spoken lyrics with Nami cracked me up, really, WHO was that? XD Anyway, Missing You ~Time To Love~ feat. KWANGSOO, JIHYUK, GEONIL (from Choshinsei) was another surprise to me, and guess what: Nami can rap! She actually has a good voice for it, but hey, anything is better than Ayu’s NOTHING FROM NOTHING, that was unforgetable. The music was very uptempo and danceable, but also had a little hince of R&B/Hiphop to it with the rapping, and the mixtures of those styles deliver such a good track.

Apparently the mixture is Nami’s style for this album, My Boy follows the same trend with many blazing synths and a lot of bass. The beat in the verses is smooth and easy on the ears, while the chorus features a certain bounce to wake you up. It’s a nice song, very nice to listen to and I seem to like it quite much. The only minus are Nami’s vocals in the bridge, they sounded kinda off to me but I’ll forgive her.

Tsuyogari to ka, Iranai n’ da ne. (強がりとか、いらないんだね。) is an incredibly beat heavy song, my entire desk was shaking like heck! It’s another good danceable track, although the chorus can get a little boring after a while. It’s not a really special track, but it is likeable and it’s very possible to like it in a sec.

Just Dance displayed the perfect example of Engrish for Nami, her pronounciation of the word ‘dance’ is horrible but okay… Ignoring the fact that she is repeating the freaking word several times during the chorus, I can actually enjoy the track because it’s a bit uplifting. I was glad it wasn’t a Lady Gaga cover, that would’ve been such a flop, this was pretty good.

Why are these tracks way too short? My Style >is a little darker and reminded me of BoA’s self titled album, and it has a certain fierceness to it that I instantly love. Just listen to the ‘<em>You got to let me gooo</em>’ line, I think it’s catchyness at its best. Almost like a BoA cover, this song is stardom worthy in the dance/pop world.

Signal is a rather simple track if you ask me, especially the chorus. It’s not unique or something, the melodies are a bit predictable. Most of the time I can’t remember a full 100%  what a track sounds like, but this one stuck inside my head pretty fast. On the one hand, it’s good, means it’s catchy. But on the other hand it’s like a lack of originality. Still a good track though, don’t get me wrong, I like it.

Bye-bye, bye-bye Nami! The album has already come to an end with Good-bye, which features some cheesy lyrics but what the heck, if I like it, it’s fine with me. I can dig the synth heavy beats for this song pretty much, and it’s a good album closer to kick it one more time, and Nami nailed it. The change of beat near the end of the song was great, I’d love some more of that.

Well, a new artist has been added to my library, and it’s Nami, ladies and gentlemen. She made the dance/pop genre very bearable for me, and her voice isn’t bad either. This is her 6th album, so there are several releases still waiting to be reviewed. Why shouldn’t I, Nami is pretty good at what she’s doing so I’d be glad to hear more from her in the future. This album was also really short, I don’t know what happened why she decided to do only eight tracks for this one… But these were eight good tracks, right?

Favorite tracks: Girlie Night feat. Girl’s Day | Missing You ~Time To Love~ | My Boy | My Style


4 stars


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