Ami Suzuki – Supreme Show

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Ami Suzuki – Supreme Show

1. TEN
2. can’t stop the DISCO
3. climb up to the top
5. Mysterious
6. change my life
8. A token of love
10. flower
11. ONE

♦ ♦ ♦

Supreme Show is the seventh studio album by Ami Suzuki, and it was released on November 12, 2008. It is marketed as her 10th year anniversary album, and is entirely produced by popular electronic musician Nakata Yasutaka of capsule. The album reached #16 on the Oricon, where it charted for four weeks and sold 13,094 copies.

Yeah, lemme step out of the box with the review of this album! It was a request by Daniel Marquez from Hedonista Electrico, he asked me to review her music more and I chose Supreme Show to start with =)

I remember TEN being my workout song two years ago, it’s very energetic with strong bass and synthlines. Ami’s vocals are good here, though they’re extremely altered, but it gives a nice and different effect. It’s a good opening track, representative for the entire album.

can’t stop the DISCO is the only single I reviewed from both her and this album, but caused me to give her a chance again. I can actually hear Ami singing in this track, and she has a pretty voice for the electro/dance genre. This is a beat orientated song, it doens’t rely all that much on melodies and synths. It’s a good track for a DJ to put on in a crowded club to get everyone on their feet, it’s very danceable and hot.

The previous song transitions smoothly into climb up to the top, just like on the single of can’t stop the DISCO. It starts off with a woman moaning in the background, quite distracting but I guess it’s quite okay. Ami’s shouting out her lyrics this time, I think I prefered her laid back voice in the previous tracks. I don’t like this song very much, it’s more of an instrumental song and I like some singing in a good song. I get annoyed after four minutes, and the song is over six minutes long…

Wow she included the entire tracklist for that single in the same order on this album. Then I  know I used to like SUPER MUSIC MAKER (SA’08S/A mix) a lot more than the rest of the songs. And small wonder, Ami’s vocals are less distorted here, she sounds pretty here, and the song is more of a laid back pop/dance tune instead of house. Vocally, it’s the best track yet.

Mysterious is the second new track, and it’s more relaxed than some of the other songs. The altered vocals are borderline creepy, but through it all I can still hear her real vocals. I like some of the random synth lines in this track, and it’s also not one of those neverending songs concidering the length (only 4:34). Ami has to work on her English, but I don’t mind, all that matters is the music and it’s quite likeable.

Go retro with change my life! It’s more melodic, and so I guess Ami varies a lot on her albums. The track is 80s new wave inspired, and it’s the shortest track on the album. In my opinion it’s long enough for music in this genre, or else I get bored XD  I love Ami’s vocals in this track, especially in the verses because they’re lower pitched again, which suits her very well.

LOVE MAIL is the cuter song out here, and by now I have become more open to her music to appreciate the synth lines much more. I like the music here best, and her vocals aren’t bad either, except for in the chorus when she shouts out ‘LOVE MAIL!’. It’s a bit too ‘Ai Otsuka syndrome’ for me. Otherwise, I think this song is seriously one of the better on this album!

A token of love was the B-side for ONE, coming up later, and it features a more aggressive synth sound than some of the tracks before. It’s not as musical as LOVE MAIL, but it can still grow on me if I give it a chance. It’s obviously a techno song, not one of my fav genres, but Ami pulled it off nicely. I like the verses most.

The cuteness comes back in some sort of way with TRUE, and I love those little high synth notes in the introduction of the song. The strings are a very nice addition as well, it came as a huge surprise to me. The bridge even features an organ, how shocking. I like this more musical way Ami has chosen for this song, it makes it more of a standout.

The biggest surprise of all came with flower, it features a different beat (the rest of the songs feature a beat on every count, this takes after an R&B/dance beat). The strings are even more prominent in this song and it’s the most melodic song on the album. Ami’s vocals are beautiful and rhythmic, she adds a great extra to the already pretty ambience of the song.

The final track is ONE, the first single released for the album and Ami’s way to celebrate her tenth anniversary in the music business. She breaks it down one more time with a superhot techno song, and I love the chorus a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean a LOT. This is one of the best real techno tracks on the album, a good celebration song and another good way to end the album dignified.

I never loved techno, dance and electro music all that much because of its (in my opinion) lack of musicality. I’m more of the classical instruments, such as a piano, real drum percussion, strings and guitars, both acoustic and electric, all mixed into one song. Computer generated music usually isn’t my thing. But… let’s just say Ami won me over a bit, especially with the second part of the album! There were some tracks that I disliked, all for another reason, the worst of all being <em>climb up to the top</em>, and even that one wasn’t a total disaster. If I set aside my likes for other genres, I think Ami made a great album, it’s fair to have that said. I gave this album a chance, and I liked it pretty much. It’s above average, but still not my favorite. If I’m in a good mood, I think I’ll wipe the dust off her other albums too!

Favorite tracks: TEN | can’t stop the DISCO | SUPER MUSIC MAKER (SA’08S/A mix) | LOVE MAIL | flower | ONE


3½ stars


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