Meisa Kuroki – hellcat

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Meisa Kuroki – hellcat

1. Hear the Alarm?
2. Like This
3. Bad Girl
4. Criminal
5. No, no, no
6. SEX
7. Lost

♦ ♦ ♦

hellcat is the debut EP by Japanese actress, model and singer Meisa Kuroki. It was released on April 8, 2009 and it peaked at #9 on the weekly Oricon albums chart.

Hear the Alarm? is carried along by some wonderful synth lines, that also open the track in a magnificent way. Meisa’s vocals remind me a lot of Namie Amuro, with just a hint of Kumi, very sexy and smooth. It’s a good opening track, it displays her potential as a debuting artist.

The next song is Like This, the only single from this EP, and more of a pumping R&B song. That synth line going all the way through the song is very catchy and the entire song has a energetic and playful ambiance. It’s less powerful and pleasant than the previous track, but I must say my first encounter with Meisa’s music is very kicking.

Bad Girl is more influenced by electropop with heavy synths and fast beats. A bit like Timbaland’s beats in some kind of way, but not obviously, except for the bridge. This song really does carry the title, and comes off as very sexy and daring. Meisa’s vocals are better than in Like This, and I loved the chorus in this track.

Criminal is the weirdest song on this EP if you ask me. Still, it’s not bad at all, but there’s something about the chorus that just doesn’t appear natural to me. It’s a rocky song with heavier percussion and some electric guitars, and most of the time it’s a pretty solid track. It’s the melody in the chorus that doesn’t appeal to me 100%, but still it’s likeable.

Back to the R&B sounds with No, no, no, one of the better tracks on this album. The beat is different than you’d expect, it’s catchy and filled with some good sounds that almost sound like samba elements. I love Meisa’s vocals on this track, one of her best efforts yet, and although the track is more laid back, I can really dig this.

Hehe, what I didn’t expect was Meisa making a record about sex. But it’s what I get, and I have to deal with it when SEX comes along. And I must say that I really didn’t mind at all! It’s not a very dirty song, not like what Kuu did with ‘今すぐ欲しい (Imasugu Hoshii)’. The beats are strong R&B and Meisa sounds fierce and sexy herself as well. The chorus was the best part (‘Gimme a taste of your honey…‘), and I liked the male rap.

Lost features a lovely piano melody, which makes me think of a beautiful sunset at the beach. English may not be Meisa’s best language, but she pulled it off right enough, and some of the notes she has to hit in the chorus are pretty good. This song is sweet, and it mixed an R&B beat with some soft synths and the piano, to make it all more relaxed. It’s over way too soon…

The last track is THIS IS CRAZY, a heavier and somewhat edgier R&B track with some deep bass tones, strings and synths. Meisa’s voice sounds very sexy when altered by a vocoder, and her harmonizations are very good as well. This track is the only one that tends to get a little repetitive, but it’s okay, it’s a very decent track.

This was my first encounter with Meisa’s music, before today I had never heard a single song from her. Such a shame, now I know what a good debut EP she released in 2009! Next on my list are ATTITUDE and MAGAZINE ofcourse, can’t wait for the latter after what I’ve heard today. She uses some different styles and most of the time she includes dancy synths in R&B music to make it just that little bit different. A few rock elements, controversial songs, blazing beats and we’ve got a great mini-album, right Meisa? I’d love to hear much more from this girl in the future!

Favorite tracks: Hear the Alarm? | No, no, no | SEX | Lost


4 stars

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