Koda Kumi – POP DIVA

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Koda Kumi – POP DIVA

3. POP DIVA (Instrumental)
4. BLACK CANDY (Instrumental)

POP DIVA is the 49th single by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, and it’s set to be released on February 2, 2011. The PV was released on January 26 at half past one on Kumi’s Facebook page , the sneak preview was released on January 17 on the Avex Youtube account.

Those italic lines up there, but than sung in the I-perspective, are the opening lines for POP DIVA, a single I have been waiting for for so long! Kumi has even improved her ‘Engrish’, what a surprise, I could understand everything she said in those lines. A plus. This is definitely a good electropop song from the Queen of J-Urban, and I love it when her voice is altered by a vocoder, it gives such a sweet effect. The synthesizer sounds in this song are very similar to songs like TABOO, but I think this one can beat TABOO anytime.

Then BLACK CANDYis the 180 from POP DIVA with more funk and rock influences. It’s midtempo, and for my taste it could’ve been a bit more bombastic in the chorus, it doesn’t really stand out from the verses. Repetition also plays a part in this track, but it has grown on me after a couple of listens. I concider it as a more laid back song when compared to POP DIVA, but basically I prefer a diva over some candy =)

I can’t wait for the release of Dejavu (March 2, people!!), and POP DIVA will be the second song on the tracklist, but then the Album Version (hm, how different will that be? Shorter? Longer?). It’s a good choice to release POP DIVA as the A-side instead of BLACK CANDY (just imagine it the other way around, meeeeh), it’s way better and I must say the electropop genre fits Kuu very well indeed! She should release more songs like this, just as she did before with TABOO and such, I loved that song too.

Favorite track: POP DIVA


4 stars

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