alan × Fukui Kei – Ai wa Chikara

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alan×Kei Fukui – Ai wa Chikara

1. Ai wa Chikara

Why the HECK would alan release a freaking opera song?! I don’t get it. I know I asked for epic alan with all those pretty ballads and such, but this is a little bit too far girl! I was pretty annoyed by Kei Fukui’s tenor voice, it’s too dominant (and I just don’t like opera). I feel too much worked up when listening to it, I can’t concentrate anymore. alan herself deliverd quite a good prestation, though, with her light vocals, almost like a diamond. She has a beautiful voice to hit really high notes, and I liked her parts so much more than Kei’s. If only it wasn’t that much opera all the time, and if only this was a solo song… It would’ve been so much better… The music is very dramatic, I don’t seem to get to ease with it.

It’s such a pity alan released this… In my opinion that is. I’m not an opera lover, not at all, and it’s like a nightmare to me that one of my favorite singers releases an operatic mess like this. I liked alan so much more in her epic ballads, such as ‘RED CLIFF ~Shin Sen~’ and such, even ‘Essence of me’ was better than this, and that’s what I call EPIC. Remember I didn’t like that song at all? There you have it. OMG please alan, I’m begging you, you’re such a lovely girl and your music used to be so pretty, please go back to that! : O


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