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So here it finally is, after all the commotion! The last post of the ‘Best of 2010’ lists, and also the last post of this calendar year. The covers featured in this post are in no particular order, and the singles and albums don’t have to be released this year to be on this list.

Ami Suzuki – can’t stop the DISCO

I’m not a big fan of Ami’s music, but she does make some good songs. can’t stop the DISCO is one of them, and this single even has a pretty cover to match! I like the gradient effect of the pinks and blues very much, just like the word DISCO spelled out on the wall behind her. Ami herself, well, she might be a bit slutty at some points, just look at the legging, but she can never win from Koda Kumi, hehe. I do like the rest of her clothes though.

alan – my life

I liked the album, it featured a lot of good songs, but the cover was a real eyecatcher IMO. The background reminds me of those vintage prints on things like couches and legging in the 80s, but as a background, the flowers are a lot prettier, LOL. Don’t get me started on alan herself, her hair is so pretty here, I love those bangs on her. And I want to have that glove!! : O

Alesha Dixon – The Alesha Show

Another great album with a cover to match, it seems like good covers represent awesome albums. I have to review this one again though, it’s been a while and it isn’t featured on this blog yet. Anyway, the simplicity of this cover amazes me, I just like beige colors with just a person in front. That thing Alesha is holding, I think it’s a hat, is funny but still pretty and she is actually very beautiful!

Ayumi Hamasaki – MY STORY

Although I’m not really making a choice between all these covers, I have to admit this one might be my favorite of all. The entire concept is very cute and sweet, with lots of pinks and yellows, colors I totally adore. The pinks seem to return everywhere; her lips, her nails, her dress, even the title text is pink! I like short, wavy blond hair best on Ayumi, too bad she has long straight hair now…

Taylor Swift – Speak Now

I have never listened to this album before, not even to songs other than Love Story and Crazier, but when I saw this cover in a music store I almost wanted to buy this album. Her facial expression excluded, this cover is very pretty, just look at her dress and how it just whirls around her! I love those dresses, and the purple color makes it even more wow! Let’s see if I am going to listen to this album asap =D

Beyoncé – B’Day

Even though this album was released in 2006, this one musn’t be missing on this list for sure! Everything fits on this one, Beyoncé herself looks like a vintage beauty, the background is pretty with the green grass, the blue sky and the whirl texture around the text (which also has a pretty font that I would like to have myself). Sometimes, I was a bit on the fence with the album though…

Britney Spears – Circus

Yes, it’s Britney (bitch xD), so? She happens to be a good singer! And this album was pretty good actually, tracks like Circus and Radar will be stuck in my head for, like, forever at least. But back to the cover part: it fits the title like a glove. The stars and circus-like text finish the entire thing off without it being too much, and I love Britney’s hair here. I just don’t see why she didn’t put that lovely dress on : O

Koda Kumi – Gossip Candy

Overtime, this single has grown onto me a lot, and I didn’t even like it before! The cover on the other hand is very like Kumi, very eyecatching and sexy. The swimming pool, the sunglasses, the cupcake, all very summer-ish, my favorite season of the year! The text might be a bit ugly, still, but I can’t help liking this cover very much for its happy ambience!

Ayumi Hamasaki – MOON

Yes, another Ayumi cover, I love her covers. This one is a close-up shot, and I know I shouldn’t like this cover because of her huge eyes and lips, but I can’t help it, I love her eyes (well, not her lips anymore, after her plastic surgery, I’m still not over it). It’s a shame the text is half covering her face, but the font and gradient glow around it makes it alright. Best cover of the MOON bunch!

alan – Kaze ni Mukau Hana

Another artist returning on this list is the lovely alan. There, I said it, she’s just lovely! So are her covers, just look at how pretty the sky is! Not just on this cover by the way, but on every cover edition of the single (there are about five or six of them, eat your heart out!), and the cover really looks like the return of ‘epic alan’, which was quite true after a couple of listens. I love the orchids in her hair, my favorite flowers!^^

There you have it, the last of the ‘Best of…’ posts! Now, I will go right back to reviewing stuff as usual, starting asap with the review of the movie Burlesque that I saw on Tuesday with my mum!

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