Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster

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Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster

1. Bad Romance
2. Alejandro
3. Monster
4. Speechless
5. Dance In The Dark
6. Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)
7. So Happy I Could Die
8. Teeth

♦ ♦ ♦

The Fame Monster is the third extended play by American singer/songwriter Lady Gaga, and it was released on November 18, 2009. The songs deal with the darker aspects of fame and are expressed through a monster metaphore. The album was received quite well, it topped the charts in eleven countries, received multiple platinum certifications in nine countries and even Diamond in Poland.

Bad Romance isn’t a dark song at all, it is a bit like what she did on her debut album one year prior. The beats are cathcy and the lyrical contents sometimes just crack me up. That line, oh my gosh: ‘Rah rah rah-ah-ah‘ etc., very nasal and sometimes quite annoying but everyone I know used to sing this at school for hours in the breaks!
This track uses the synth phenomenon very well and that’s what makes this song so catchy, it’s stuck in my head like forever. And although her singing could’ve been better at some points, I can’t help but singing along. My own guilty pleasure, hehe.

The next track is more mysterious then the previous tracks, and it’s Alejandro, for goodness sake! A violin opens the track and Gaga fails terribly at faking an accent! Really, girl, come on, you can do better with those Italian roots of yours. Well, she makes up with terrific singing, a heavy percussion beat and that violin melody playing through the entire song. This actually worked for her and she’s done quite well with another catchy track (say ‘Gaga’, say ‘catchy’!).

Monster really has something I like very much, even though it’s an electro song. The lyrics may be a bit far-fetched at some points (‘He ate my heart, he ate my brain‘, eeew!), but again Gaga made an extremely catchy track that’s born to stay stuck inside your head! Her vocals sound very nice when altered by a vocoder, especially in the bridge.

One of my favourites on this EP is Speechless, a song I almost wanted to perform on stage myself because it’s so pretty and moving. Gaga actually brings some emotion into her vocals, my gosh, how special. This is more of a rock’n’roll song, another thing we’re not used to. A bit like Queen music, but then definitely not a gimmick. I love Gaga’s lines and vocals in this song, so even power ballads fit her. If that’s her playing on the piano in the track, she just earned another extra point =D

Dance In The Dark is another synthpop song, but then with clear influences of retro music and new wave. It’s a bit like Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ with those spoken lyrics (where names like Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Princess Diana are mentioned, and other people of which their lives ended terribly). I liked the stuttering introduction, and again Gaga’s vocals are quite good in her very own Gaga-ish way, hehe. One of the better tracks.

Omg, now we have one I have heard too many times. Telephone (feat. Beyoncé) is almost like a cliché. But still, the music is nice, I love how that lovely harp melody suddenly turns into a pumping electrobeat. Influences of both singers are incorporated in this track, Gaga’s verses are backed up by a real electrodance beat, while the beat in Beyoncé’s verse is more R&B orientated. The PV is terrible, really, but the track is quite nice, and both girls did a great job on the vocals.

The ‘Eh-eh’ line opening So Happy I Could Die is another fail line from Gaga, just like the ‘Rah-rah’-ing and ‘Cherry cherry boom boom’-ing, but I can’t help but finding it very catchy, and when the verse drops in I know this is another nice song by Gaga. The only problem with this one is that her vocals are boring and the track is very repetitive, but other than that it’s decent and nice to listen to. It’s still nothing special though.

Teeth is probably the weirdest track on the entire album, it features some strange voice saying something like ‘eeeeeh’ in the background throughout the entire song, a haunting beat that sounds like someone’s pounding on a table with glasses on it and for the first time some brass elements. Gaga definitely had fun recording this one, I can hear it, and she’s right because it’s a fun track indeed. It’s just over way too soon, meeeeh.

Well, The Fame Monster may not be as good as her debut album, which was really a five star album without any doubt, but it is attractive. It gives a good example of what kind of music Gaga makes, but it wasn’t the best she can do. That’s why I’m curious about her new upcoming album, Born This Way (2011), I wonder if this is just an experiment, the darker songs, or if she will just go back to those carefree pop songs I loved so much. I hope the latter, because if she keeps doing this she will probably lose my interest, after quite some time though. However, it’s a strong EP with some very good and catchy tracks on it, only one or two songs were less interesting but still good anyway. Therefore I think it would be nonsense to turn down this EP, it’s Gaga we’re talking about so that’s a no-go, hehe.

Favorite tracks: Alejandro | Speechless | Dance In The Dark


4 stars


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