Best of 2010: ~New Discoveries~

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The first post to start the feature reviews of December! Since there are a few more releases I want to review before the year is over, I didn’t want to start on best albums and best singles yet. So why not share with you some new bands and artists I have discovered this year?

Love her for: Her great looks and voice, and the unique tracks she throws at you with every release.
Best tracks: Zutto Futari de, KIRA☆KIRA☆, Sign, Hitomi Tojite, 2FACE, See U Again

I simply can’t see why I didn’t give this girl a chance before, I seemed to skip her reviews everytime I visited a review blog and I thought she was just another plain biatch from Japan with some American roots of some kind. But then in August I thought I should download Bitter & Sweet to give it a try, and I found out the girl actually has a voice! And a darn good one to say the least. Her songs are special in their own way, she may not vary her style at some points, but then again it’s not entirely necessary because every song has something another song doesn’t, and that’s what makes this girl special.


Love her for: Her very own unique style and her HUGE voice!
Best tracks: Pyramid (feat. Iyaz), I Love You, Note To God, Reset, All I Need To Survive

The Fillippines brought along a girl with a voice like Celine Dion, and she’s also a great performer. I can’t get enough of the PV for Pyramid, her best track ever with singer Iyaz, it gives a perfect example of the great performances this girl can give. Her belting is wonderful, her singing isn’t off key for a single moment, her songs are moving and very difficult to copy. This new star in town really knows how to deliver a strong debut already, and I wonder what her sophomore album will be like. If it’s better than her debut, which is already hard to accomplish, I know I will love this girl forever.


Helen Reddy
Love her for: How natural she is, and the carefree songs she used to make.
Best tracks: I  Am Woman, I Don’t Know How To Love Him, Candle On The Water, Summer Of ’71

Yes, I know, this woman is almost 70 years old and her musical career is far behind her, but the music she made was overall great to listen to. I spent the entire summer of 2010 listening to her songs, especially in June. I don’t know why, but I instantly had that Reddy feeling, I kept on listening to her songs! The funniest thing was that my parents also know and liked her music.
I first saw Helen in the movie ‘Pete’s Dragon’, she starred with Sean Marshall (mentioned in the Disney Christmas movies review), and I loved her character Nora so much. The song she sang, Candle On The Water, has always been one of my favourites ever since.


Jade Valerie
Love her for: Her one of a kind musical style and lovely voice.
Best tracks: Unbreakable, Out In The Sea, Razorman, Crush, You Don’t Know Me

Another girl I passed for a long time, because I thought she wasn’t special at all. But then I heard Unbreakable, and I immediately realized I was a dumb fool. Her high belting in the background was so pretty and well done, I couldn’t ignore this girl any longer. I downloaded both of her albums, and when I listened to them I heard various styles, from pop with classical elements to R&B, electro and even some rock tunes. The most unique style is the use of classical samples in her music, dating back from her time with Sweetbox, and Out In The Sea is a perfect example of that. It makes her songs so fun to listen to!


Love her for: Her crazy looks that keep on changing every minute!!
Best tracks: Bad Girl, sad to say, Jealous

Her looks are crazy as hell, I mean… just look at her single cover art! But when you listen to GOLD, her debut album, the album sure is worth gold if you ask me. I never expected her to have such a good voice, and so unlike any other voice I have ever heard. Her songs are very nice, and I can’t help but liking her so much.
Her vocal acrobatics and harmonizations with herself are wonderful additions to her music as well, and why does this girl have such a great vocal range that no one will recognize?


Love them for: The variations in their already so unique music and their soothing voices.
Best tracks: red moon, Hikari no Senritsu, fantasia, Kyrie, Lacrimosa, or should I say ALL?

Wow, epic epic EPICNESS and some more epicess for the win! Where did these girls come from? Out of nowhere? They are so talented, my gosh. I have never heard such pretty high voices, perfect for symphonic rock. Though their music expands a little more, I have heard everything from ballads to rock to more dance/electronic sounds and even folkish, and they keep on adding some epicess to them so they become soothing and pretty. Some people may not like them for their symphonic sound, but that’s what I love about these girls: they’re not afraid to show the world they’re different!


Love them for: Their bouncy, funny tunes that rock the hell out of you!
Best tracks: Roppongi Shinjuu, SINKY-YORK

In this little picture the girls also look very pretty…
The girls from SCANDAL are some of the most talented in all of Japan, and I love Haruna’s voice. She is the one that makes me listen to their songs, although the other girls aren’t bad either ofcourse. The only thing about them is that I don’t really like Tomomi’s voice, it’s a bit too childish for my liking. But other than that, these four girls keep on delivering great songs, and their ‘school girl look’ is even more likeable because it’s so much in contrast with their music!


Love them for: Ehm… how about their goooooorgious looks? o.O  Okay their voices are great as well, hehe.
Best tracks: Ring Ding Dong, Hello, A-Yo, WOWOWOW, Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay), Get Down

Okay, don’t even get me started on this one, this will be one heck of a praaaaise. Beginning with: WHY ARE THESE KOREAN BOYS SO DARN CUTE?? Really, they’re to die for, just look at them! Instant nosebleed guys (Minhoooo <33)… But ehm.. let’s get to the music part, shall we?
Well, most of the time these boys give us some good R&B and some lovely ballads, but at some points they skip to Hiphop and even Dance. Every tune they make is addictive, they just keep on playing in my head all day long and I won’t even start about their voices. Each guy has a unique style of his own, Jonghyun is more of the belting, Minho is the rapper, Taemin(nie :3) is the cute young one (omg, 17^^), Key is the other rapper but  he also sings a lot of parts and Onew is the leader with the best ballad vocals! Shortly: a GREAT boy group with a lot of potential.

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