Leah Dizon – Communication!!!

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Leah Dizon – Communication!!

1. Step into my world
2. Love Paradox
4. Without a good-bye
5. Vanilla
6. Nothin’ To Lose
7. Lost At Sea
8. Communication!!!
9. Not Too Bad
10. BxKxRxxx
11. Under The Same Sky
12. Thank you

♦ ♦ ♦

Communication!!! is the second studio album by American-born Japanese singer Leah Dizon. It was released on August 20, 2008. The album reached #16 on the Oricon Weekly Charts and sold 13,533 copies. It was her last album before announcing her marriage and pregnancy.

I secretly have a bit of a weak spot for Step into my world (yeah, another song with that name, Kuu anyone?). It’s a cute pop song, very cheery and catchy. I love the music box beginning. The lyrics feature both Japanese and English lyrics, and that’s where Leah’s American roots are a plus (her pronunciation is top notch, unlike other Japanese artists). I can hear her singing got a lot better because it used to get a bit on my nerves to be honest.

Although Step into my world was cute, Love Paradox might even be better. Leah’s vocals sound a lot better once sung in a lower register, her voice suddenly sounds a lot stronger. When she sings in a higher pitch, her voice is a bit too tense. The music is soft, the bass and percussion are deep and I like the handclap effects (as always, hehe). Sometimes in the chorus there are some soft synth riffs, and the track as a whole appeals a lot.

LOVE SWEET CANDY really floooows. Musically spoken then. It’s more of a reggae inspired track with Caribbean elements. Compared with the rest of the tracks, this one might be a bit off, but it’s still all fun. The verses aren’t my favourite parts, Leah’s voice is a bit nagging, but the chorus is a lot better. The guitars, brass instruments and tribal drums complete this track.

Opening with an acoustic guitar and some electric guitar riffs, Without a good-bye takes the form of a rock song. The music is a bit too loud sometimes to actually hear Leah, but her vocals are actually pretty good here! She sings in her lower, deeper voice again, and that makes the chorus my favourite part again. Throughout the track, her vocals stay that strong, and that’s quite an achievement for someone that hasn’t got a big vocal range.

Vanilla is one of the funkier songs with sweet guitar riffs, and it sounds a bit like a party song. The line ‘Just cruising, have a celebration‘ is a bit tacky though. The rest of the song is fun, nothing special, not a favourite, just pure fun to listen to once in a while when you’re in a good mood. I like the synth parts, it makes this track so catchy and danceable.

Nothin’ To Lose wasn’t what I expected at all! Just like Love Paradox, this is typically an R&B song, and this one even sounds more Western because it’s an all English song. This should’ve been released as an international song, that’s how good this one is. The lyrics are clever, about how love is like a card game and such, I love lyrics with a meaning. I also love me some good bass in a song, so… hehe. *shuts up*

Another English song, she should do this more often! And rock orientated as well, oh my. Lost at sea starts off with a soft acoustic guitar melody , but a piano, electric guitar and percussion drop in later on. Musically, this song is very powerful, but I’m a bit on the fence with Leah vocals in the chorus this time. Is she trying a bit too hard? It’s a pity, because after the bridge she shows us she can actually sing this without straining!

From the start, Communication!!! promised to be a good song. It’s poppy, it’s very danceable, it’s catchy, shall I shut up? I like the instrumental effect in the hook, but I don’t know whether it’s a brass instrument or a synth trick. This track really relies on bass and beats, combined with synths, and is a real eye opener after Lost at sea.

Another Western inspired R&B song, this must be my lucky day. Not Too Bad remind me a lot of American R&B songs by artists like Mariah Carey and the stuff she used to do with ‘The Emancipation Of Mimi’. The male vocalist adds something very catchy to this song, and the only word I can think of when I listen to this song is ‘yeaaaaaah…’. It’s just so smooth and sexy! Leah’s voice is perfect for these songs, really!

What the fuck does BxKxRxxx stand for??? Anyone?? No? Okay.
It’s another rock tune but it’s softer than others, until the chorus comes along and Leah goes like WHAM with everything! It’s very fast paced, I wonder how she got those lyrics out of her mouth. While her voice is perfect for R&B, this song compliments her vocals as well. The bridge is very powerful and hard when the electric guitar combines its sound with the percussion. It may be weird, but this song really reminds me of Humming 7/4 by Ayumi Hamasaki!

And then Leah treats us with Under The Same Sky, the B-side for Love Paradox. This is the first track to feature some chimes in the chorus to make it really cute, the synths are soft, and the beats are smooth. Leah’s vocals are a lot better this time for a higher pitched song, I think she needs to relax a little more. Guess she did so now. Anyway, it’s a decent ballad track.

Leah end the album with another R&B track, Thank you, in which she thanks people who are important to her in any way. Another happy and cheery track with some great beats and synths, and even a harp at some points! It’s a special song on this album, and it really sounds like she put some effort into it. It’s light, it’s pleasant and her vocals are at their best.

Okay, I promise, I shall never speak evil of Leah Dizon again. Sometimes I was so on the fence with her vocals that she totally annoyed me and I haven’t listened to any of her songs for months! Now I thought I should give her a chance (okay, I admit, I was bored like hell), and look what I’ve found out! Her second album is actually GOOD! Wait, did I really say that? Yeaaaah, I guess I did : D
At some points the shivers went down my spine concerning her vocals, still, I can’t get around that, she should use a little more vocal training. But most of the time her vocals were better than ever before, and that’s what counts most for me: progress. She came a long way and it truly paid off. And that in just one year!

Favorite tracks: Love Paradox | LOVE SWEET CANDY | Nothin’ To Lose | Not Too Bad | BxKxRxxx


4 stars

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