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1. Roppongi Shinjuu
2. Koibito ga Santa Claus
4. Rock’n’Roll Widow
6. Sunny Day Sunday
7. secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~

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R-GIRL’s ROCK! is a cover album by Japanese rock girl group SCANDAL, and it features covers of song from the 80s and 90s. It was released on November 17, 2010.

Wow, finally a Japanese band that ROCKS! Though Roppongi Shinjuu, a song originally by Ann Lewis, has been covered a lot of times before, I really like SCANDAL’s version a lot. I love rock music, and these girls really know how to play their music. What was also a surprise for me, is how mature some of the girls sound. I don’t know which girl belongs to which voice yet, but I think the girl with the deeper voice is Haruna. Mami’s guitar solo is pretty damn awesome, it gives me chills all over. A very good start for a cover album in my opinion.

Koibito ga Santa Claus is as Christmas-y as it says in the title. Ofcourse, another hard song with great vocals by Haruna and Tomomi, but it has a sort of Christmas chime theme to it. This song was originally by Matsutouya Yuni, and I think the girls truly nailed it. It’s pretty to listen to, and it’s even catchy so it will keep on playing over and over in your head.

SINKY-YORK is a title that tends to crack me up, since it reminds me of both the word ‘sink’ and the city New York xD  I love the beat in this song, it has a different bounce to it than the other songs, and I love Haruna’s vocals a LOT! She should go solo, my gosh, I love this girl. It’s less energetic than the previous two songs, but it still races along fine! The other girls give a good performance in the background, and I think I hear Tomomi at some points. To keep things short: I think I actually love this track.

Rock’n’Roll Widow brings back the fierce energy that was suppressed a bit in the previous track, and I keep on catching myself headbanging, I can’t help it. This song lasted a bit too short in my opinion since it was a unique song in its own way because of the use of synths in its arrangement. Haruna and Tomomi deserve some good credit for their vocals and even Mami contributes.

I hope DAYDREAM will last a little longer, since it has that same fierceness that I have begun to love SCANDAL for. This song was actually released in my birth year, 1994, by JUDY AND MARY, so hey, Japan made some damn good music when I was a baby. Something that really caught my eye (ear?) was the percussion by Rina! My god, that girl can give me some lessons anytime, she’s awesome.

Sunny Day Sunday has the same sort of bounce to it as SINKY-YORK has, but it’s a lot shorter and faster. It’s a fun track with another great guitar solo by Tomomi and/or Haruna, though Tomomi’s vocals (which are prominent in this song) can get a little overly cute at some points. Still, this song is another great rock tune and it could’ve been a longer track.

Gosh, can SCANDAL even do ballads? Because that’s what secret base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~ is, a slower paced pop/rock song. This shows their diversity as a rock group, and they pulled it off in a great way. Haruna displays lovely deep vocals here, she has become my favourite singer in the group. It has some elements of a powerballad, but the only difference is that the music is more dominant here. Surprise surprise, I love this.

I never imagined that there would come a day that I would love this band. I’ve heard songs by SCANDAL before, someone once sent me one but I never listened to it. Too bad, after all, because I was so surprised by how these girls totally blew my sound boxes away! I liked every song, each one has a unique SCANDAL-mark to it, and… gosh, how can I put this? There aren’t any words for it I guess. Well, I can say that I’m glad that not all of the Japanese women are overly cute *points@Ai Otsuka*, although Tomomi has to learn to control her cute vocals just a little more. But I didn’t bother them, so what’s the deal? SCANDAL might be my new favourite Japanese girl group!

Favorite tracks: SINKY-YORK | Rock’n’Roll Widow | DAYDREAM


5 stars


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