Jolin Tsai – Myself

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Jolin Tsai – Myself

1. Honey Trap
2. Missed Call (Interlude)
3. Love Player
4. Secret Talk (Interlude)
5. Party Star
6. Let’s Start The Dance (Interlude)
7. Black-Haired Beautiful Girl
8. Nothing Left To Say
9. L’amour Est Parti (Interlude)
10. Real Hurt
11. Macho Babe
12. Butterflies In My Stomach
13. Let’s Break Up
14. I Love You Too (Interlude)
15. Take Immediate Action

♦ ♦ ♦

Myself is the eleventh studio album by Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai. It was originally set to be released on August 5, 2010 but the release was pushed back to August 13, 2010. The album is the first to see Jolin experiment with a dance style called Vogue. Myself entered the G-Music Chart in #1 place and it remained top in the chart for 3 consective weeks.

Honey Trap starts off with a man chanting ‘Gimme your satisfaction, I want your satisfaction‘, after which Jolin herself drops in. The track is very electro and danceable, and to be honest this is my first Mandarin dance track. I never heard a dance track that has been sung in Mandarin, which is a beautiful language. The track can get a little repetitive, but the song as a whole is pretty decent. I love her line ‘Welcome to my world, boys and girls, let’s get the dance started‘. She proves to have both a lovely speaking and singing voice.

Honey Trap effortlessly transitions into Missed Call (Interlude), which is only a random filler track with a car door slamming and footsteps and such.

Love Player takes on a more musical style compared to the first track in my opinion. It’s a little slower and softer and Jolin’s vocals are more gentle. I love her singing melody and vocals in the chorus, I call those easy-to-love melodies ‘typically likeable’. It’s not a ballad, but still it isn’t really popping as well, it’s more somewhere in the middle and it’s a good place to be. I like this track more than Honey Trap to be honest.

Secret Talk (Interlude) is another random interlude with an answering machine and some Chinese people blabbering Mandarin in agitated voices…

The next track, Party Star, is a lot stronger than previous tracks. Like my affiliate from ‘Wanna Play?’ said, it has a bit of a tribal feeling to it. I don’t really get the sudden silence after the first chorus, after which the track continues like nothing happened. I don’t think this song is very interesting, I’m waiting for a new sound already, and more variation above all. Nonetheless, I have to admit Jolin Tsai is one heck of a singer!

Let’s Start The Dance (Interlude) is the first interlude that actually has a reason to be on this album! It’s the first track to feature Asian elements, but the rest of the music reminds me of Madonna songs like ‘Vogue’ and such.

I love the vocoder effect on Jolin’s adlibbing in Black-Haired Beautiful Girl, which could easily be a song produced by Red One. This track is very Lady Gaga, and since I’m a big fan of hers, those elements immediately caught my attention. It’s different than the rest of the full length songs up until now, but still they have too much in common in my opinion. This one is the best for now for it’s vocoder effects, pretty synths and ‘Red One elements’.

Nothing Left To Say is the first ballad, and an R&B one too! You almost got me fainting, miss Tsai. I immediately enjoy her soothing vocals and the nice piano melody, and the beat features some nice bass and handclaps as well. The chorus is very powerful and it fits the song very well. This song actually reminds me a lot of American-Fillipino singer Charice, especially because of its soft synth elements. I can clearly see I haven’t listened to Jolin’s music for more than two years or so, I forgot how beautiful her voice is!

L’amour Est Parti actually features French vocals, hehe. I wonder if the woman speaking was Jolin herself, because the woman had an accent that wasn’t French at all. Very… ingenious.

In Real Hurt, Jolin’s vocals are best and she even reminds me of alan at some points! This ballad is more heartfelt than Nothing Left To Say, and so are Jolin’s vocals. This ballad includes strings, percussion, a piano and even guitars, so every instrument was pulled out of the closet to be united in this beautiful song. The ending was perfect, very soothing and soft, with strings and piano closing the track.

Back to the fierceness with Macho Babe, a combination between Ami Suzuki music and Lady Gaga. The chorus is like nothing I heard on this album before, so that’s a plus. The only thing is that this song has the same problem as the opening track did: it can get a little repetitive at some points. Still, it’s a catchy track, I like her ‘rap’ in the last 15 seconds or so. ‘Lalala macho babeee‘…

Heavy bass starts off Butterflies In My Stomach, and the underlying tone in this song kinda sounds like a subwoofer test. I don’t pretty much care for this track, it sounds more like a musical experiment than like an actual song. Jolin’s vocals are plain this time, and the beat is starting to irritate me a little after two and a half minutes. It could’ve been more… Such a pitty.

The piano introduction for Let’s Break Up reminded me of an Italian song, ‘Estranei A Partire Da Ieri’ by Alessandra Amorosso, but that might be a little far fetched because the rest of the song clearly doesn’t. It’s another ballad, this time with a lot more bass. This may be my favourite song on this entire album, because it’s so much more than the usual pop ballad. It’s even better than Nothing Left To Say and Real Hurt! Now how do you like that?

I Love You Too (Interlude) is like.. the cutest interlude ever! All you hear is a child saying ‘I love you’ and something else, but her voice is so cute, I can’t help but secretly caring about this.

When I saw the title for Take Immediate Action, I though of some kind of Agent J song, a Charlie’s Angels theme or something! What I didn’t expect was the happy and careless attitude of this song, and even Jolin’s voice is a little higher pitched in this song. It’s the cutest full length track on this album, and a perfect ending track to leave you with a smile on your face.

This album was very surprising, because I thought it would be all dance and no slower songs. That isn’t entirely false, most of the songs were indeed upbeat pop or dance, but there were some R&B influences at some points and even three ballads or so. Jolin did a great job, and it reminds me that I have to download all of her older albums again. My pc crashed a few months ago and I lost all my music, also her discography, but this is a pretty good step in the right direction. I liked the majority of the songs on this album, and I’m pretty sure that Jolin Tsai will return on my iPod once again.

Favorite tracks: Black-Haired Beautiful Girl | Nothing Left To Say | Real Hurt | Let’s Break Up


4 stars


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