Cheryl Cole – Promise This

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Cheryl Cole – Promise This

1. Promise This
2. Promise This (Digital Dog Radio Remix)

Promise This is the fourth solo single by British recording artist Cheryl Cole, and the lead single for her new album Messy Little Raindrops (to be released November 1, 2010). It was released on October 24, 2010 in Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Most of the time I’m not very fond of uptempo dance songs because they lack some musicality in my opinion, but then Promise This is a whole other story! Compared to songs like ‘Fight For This Love’ and even ‘3 Words’ and ‘Heaven’, this song has less of an R&B sound and for the first time so much more of Dancepop. Most of the time the beat sticks to that typical dance pattern, some instruments might be a bit computer generated, but mostly in the chorus Cheryl managed to put in a nice piano melody as well. As for her singing, she is flawless again, and I love her French lines (‘Alouette-uette-uette, déployer l’aile‘, which means something like ‘Lark, spread your wings‘). The video for this track is beautiful as well, and she wears beautiful dresses, like a low-cut red dress (to be seen on the cover), a ballerina’s leotard and a short embellished mini-dress. Even a Madonna-esque black leotard! She shows off her dancing skills in this video, accompanied by four men, and I can see why she won herself a sponsorship to study at London’s Royal Ballet Summer School!

Then Promise This (Digital Dog Radio Remix) is a lot slower paced than the original version and features much more synthesizers. It doesn’t differ much, but I think this one is a little more computer generated and features a slightly different backing melody. Quite a good remix, though I prefer the original version for its high tempo ofcourse.

I have listened about five or six time to this song during the writing of this review, and it seems like I can’t get enough of it, strangely enough! This is so much better after listening to that terribly boring ‘3 Words’, the song Cheryl made with, this has so much more spice and it might even be her best song ever, if it didn’t compete with ‘Fight For This Love’. It wasn’t what I expected, not at all, because I wasn’t even close to being a fan of Cheryl’s, but now she fully captured my attention, and I’m very curious about her album Messy Little Raindrops!

Favorite track: Promise This


5 stars

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