BENI – Sign

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BENI – Sign

1. Sign
2. Gon’ luv u
4. Sign (Instrumental)

Sign is Japanese singer BENI’s sixth single under the label Natuyawave Records. The single charted at the weekly spot #50 and sold 1,596 copies.

So, time to start some era’s by multiple artists, including BENI. This is the first single for the Lovebox era, and as always Sign is another midtempo R&B track. But then again, when I listen with care, I discover some nice additions that make it stand out quite well! The percussion does the trick in this song, with a lot more bass than usual and an overall nice beat arrangement. The piano melody is very pretty as well, and the strings make everything complete. As for BENI’s vocals, do I hear some ‘signs’ of improvement? BENI sounds wonderful on this track, especially in the bridge!

My gosh, an upbeat track?? I can’t believe it, Gon’ luv u is actually a very nice R&B song with a lot of synths and cute chimes, which make this song both fierce and very fluffy. The chorus is made to get stuck inside your head, because BENI is chanting the title words over and over and the chimes are heard best. This just proves BENI should make more uptempo songs, whenever I hear this song, I keep thinking ‘aishiteruuuu’!

Haven’t I heard KIRA☆KIRA☆ DJ HASEBE REMIX before? Oh no, my fault, it’s just the title that sounds familiar. Maybe that’s because DJ HASEBE remixed more BENI songs, but this has to be his best work I’ve heard up until now. This song is a little faster paced than the original and the percussion just blows you away. I loooove some real good beats with handclaps and a lot of bass, very urban.

Is it just me, or has BENI already improved? I liked this single very much, there wasn’t a single aspect of it that I didn’t like. It’s a very strong way to start a new era after an already amazing album (Bitter & Sweet). I already made plans to review BENI’s other singles from the Lovebox era as well, and I have no regrets for that. In fact, I don’t think I’m going to postpone anymore. More BENI asap if you ask me!

Favorite tracks: Sign | Gon’ luv u |KIRA☆KIRA☆ DJ HASEBE REMIX


5 stars

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