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September 30, 2010 at 7:47 PM | Posted in BoA | 1 Comment

So this is actually not an album review for another BoA album. Quite logical, because she just released Hurricane Venus almost two months ago, and even she isn’t that quick to write a third album in just one year. This, dear visitors, is a repackaged edition of Hurricane Venus, believe it or not. Yes, I know, when you look at the cover, you’re expecting another IDENTITY, not the bionic album that Hurricane Venus is. But well, let’s get to the point.

The cover
Like I said, it doesn’t fit the whole Hurricane Venus theme. The other cover was perfect for it, a real eyecatcher and this… I think it would have been more suiteable for a more personal album with an entirely different musical theme. And what was she thinking when she changed the title of the entire freaking album? Hurricane Venus sounded so much better, more mysterious, a lot grander. Copy & Paste sounds so… boring, so common. BoA herself is looking a little plain as well.

Copy & Paste
Surprisingly enough, the title song for the repackage (and also the opening track for it) fits the rest of Hurricane Venus LIKE A GLOVE. The blazing dance beats and synths are very dominant here, so there hasn’t changed much. The chorus doesn’t have very original lyrics (‘B-o-A, D-N-A‘), but the chorus has an overall oriental synth theme in my opinion that makes it quite likeable.

I’m Okay (보고 싶더라)
The song that fits more on another album because of its overall sound, must be this one. It has a very cheerful pop arrangement with a lot of acoustic guitars, and it sounds a lot happier than the themes on Hurricane Venus, which had more of a ‘get up and dance’ vibe. Call me crazy, but if it was translated into Japanese, wouldn’t this song have fitted THE FACE? That doesn’t mean I don’t like ot ofcourse, hold on there! I love it actually! It just doesn’t go well with the rest of the original album, so I put some question marks here.

In conclusion
Basically I don’t get this project. Why would BoA put effort in something that might turn out to be quite useless? I mean… maybe most people haven’t even had the chance to buy the original Hurricane Venus yet, and she’s already releasing a repackaged version. I think she should’ve waited a couple of months before she tackled this project (and in that time she might have come up with a better fitting cover). I like the extra songs, I’m going to give them 3.5, maybe 4 stars. I’m Okay has to be the best out of them, but it has its share of problems concidering the blending. So… good try, it just didn’t work for me.

If you guys wanna see if I’m wrong about this, feel free to listen to these songs for yourself and make your own judgement. Feel free to share them here, and maybe somebody can convince me this is actually worth something. This is not to bring the promotion for the repackaged version down, this is just my opinion. Don’t forget: it wasn’t all useful, I’m Okay was actually a very good song!

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  1. This is actually better than “HURRICANE VENUS” you get 2 new songs. While I didn’t like the album song I did however like “I’m Okay”. Pretty soon for a repackaged, though. Either way great album for those who didn’t pick up “HURRICANE VENUS”.

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