Namie Amuro – Break It/Get Myself Back

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Namie Amuro – Break It/Get Myself Back

1. Break It
2. Get Myself Back
3. Break It (Instrumental)
4. Get Myself Back (Instrumental)

Break It/Get Myself Back is Japanese singer Namie Amuro’s 35th single, released on July 28, 2010.

Break It is a very nice dance song in my opinion. Not decent, like I always say, but actually likeable, mostly because of the funky guitar riffs now and then. I think it’s also in the way the percussion and synths are mixed together, it’s not that typical dance song, Namie made it more rock-ish. The bridge features a sort of xylophone effect, and it’s a funny addition. And just when you THINK it’s over… she comes back with 20 seconds! Maybe a bit too short, this track…?

After that, Get Myself Back is a ballad starting with a piano, and after a bombastic sound effect a nice percussion arrangement drops in. In the verses it may be a little too fast, and a little too much in my opinion. Almost makes you think like a fast house beat will come around any second. For the rest of the song, that same nice pattern as in the introduction is kept. Not exactly a relaxing ballad, but when you’re used to it, like me, you can appreciate the way it has been set up. The track is piano, strings and synth based, and Namie displays very nice vocals.

Namie delivered a nice new single, probably for a new album due to be released fall 2011 or something. I liked both tracks, they show her different sides with both dance (or dance/rock as I heard it) and an R&B ballad. Both songs were set up very nice, nice arrangements, beautiful or catchy vocals and melodies, and it made me very curious about her next studio album and when it will be released. The only thing with the second song was the irritating fast beat at some points. I just don’t believe it’s suitable for a good relaxing R&B ballad, it almost made it more tribal-like. Furthermore, I think this single was pretty well done.

Favorite track: Break It


4 stars

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