Ami Suzuki – can’t stop the DISCO

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Ami Suzuki – can’t stop the DISCO

1. can’t stop the DISCO
2. climb up to the top

can’t stop the DISCO is Ami’s 30th single, her 15th under Avex Trax, and it was released on September 24, 2008. It’s produced by Yasutaka Nakata of capsule, and on it’s first day the single debuted at #27 in the Oricon Daily Singles Charts.

I think I’ll be getting back to Ami Suzuki’s music after a year of listening hiatus, and the can’t stop the DISCO single will be the first out of the bunch. I almost forgot how nice the sound of her voice is, even with the vocoder all over it. This electropop/house song relies all on beats, and less on synths, but they’re still dominant. Her voice is at it’s smoothest in the verses, my favourite parts of the song concerning her vocals. As for the music, I can totally dig this hot melodies and beats. The only thing is: it’s a little too long for me at 5:24 minutes.

The style of the previous track transitions veeery smoothly into climb up to the top, and is it just me or do I hear a woman moaning in the background…? As for the rest of the song, I don’t think I like this very much. The track is mostly based on heavy beats and synths again, and Ami’s vocals aren’t prominantly there this time. More of a musical song this, almost an instrumental. When she does sing, she kinda screams out her lyrics. What a crazy track this is, gosh, it’s so aggressive!

Let’s see if I like SUPER MUSIC MAKER (SA’08S/A mix) more than that. The first thing I noticed was her vocal improvement (she sings in a lot lower pitch) and the little more of a laid back dance style compared to clim up to the top. I love the verses, mostly because of Ami’s vocals in it, and it makes the song a bit more poppy, yet still dancehall orientated.

I really had to get used to Ami’s music again, since I listen to other kinds of music most of the time, and not this electro/dance shizzle. And I have to say: if I’m in a good mood for this genre, I can actually appreciate it. Maybe this means it’s time to wipe the dust off Ami’s singles and albums, especially her album Supreme Show (which features all the songs above), and get off my lazy behind to give them a chance again. And if you ask me, I don’t even know why the heck I threw her off my iPod. Her songs are fierce, my gosh, and she’s definitly one of the better artists in this genre.

Favorite track: SUPER MUSIC MAKER (SA’08S/A mix)


3½ stars


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