Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed

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Miley Cyrus – Can’t Be Tamed

1. Liberty Walk
2. Who Owns My Heart
3. Can’t Be Tamed
4. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
5. Two More Lonely People
6. Forgiveness And Love
7. Permanent December
8. Stay
9. Scars
10. Take Me Along
11. Robot
12. My Heart Beats For Love

♦ ♦ ♦

Can’t Be Tamed is the third studio album by American singer Miley Cyrus and was released on June 18, 2010 by Hollywood Records. The album debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200, at #8 on the UK Album Chart and at #4 on the German Top 100 and was certified Gold in Australia. It sold 106,000 times in it’s first week and already has sold 450,000 copies worldwide.

Liberty Walk already brings on the dance/pop with heavy synths. I must be honest: I don’t like the person Miley Cyrus, but when I hear this song, I have to force myself to seperate the person and the singer. Her songs are actually something GOOD, at least… this one is. In the verses Miley is kinda sing-song rapping like Ke$ha, in her own style though, and her vocal acrobatics in the chorus need a standing ovation.  The vocoder sounds good with the sound of her voice.

The next track sounds almost similar to the previous one, though Who Owns My Heart features more keyboard riffs and sounds a little more like 80’s dancehall. The bridge is the only high in the song, because in my opinion the lyrics and the music in the chorus are a bit cheesy and plain. She was probably looking for some random words to rhyme.

I really HATE the videoclip for Can’t Be Tamed, I’m sorry. At 17, just one year my senior, Miley tries too hard to break out of her Hannah Montana image and be a sex bomb or something. Back to the music: this time the verses stand out more than the chorus. The song uses heavy synths and even a drum machine in the chorus, and it’s clear Cyrus’ vocals are auto-tuned in a few lines. Mixed feelings… hmm…

Then why do I like Every Rose Has It’s Thorn (a cover of Poison) so much? This is a ballad with more of a pop/R&b feeling to it due to the percussion pattern, and I love the melody and the electric guitar solo in the bridge. Miley totaly rocked this song, she nailed it! It really suits her voice very well and finally the lyrics are more heartfelt. I’m almost surprise I actually LOVE something of her work right now.

Back to the uptempo dance/pop with Two More Lonely People, and from the beginning I can already say this song does exact the opposite from the previous track. This song, which doesn’t sound original, doesn’t appeal to me at all. It gets kinda predictable and sounds rushed, like Miley wrote this song one night before due time.

And then Forgiveness And Love seems a ballad again, and I know Miley’s strong at ballads in my opinion. A piano opens this track, and soft percussion and a guitar blend in. Miley puts some good effort and emotion in her voice, and both the verses and chorus stand out. The chorus is the absolute high though, and in the ballad there is a change of beat from the percussion that I like. She can belt out higher notes pretty well in this track!

Miley’s vocals and lyrics annoy me in Permanent December, and mostly because her voice sounds too altered in the verses and the lyrics are too much about her being a good looking girl looking for her sexy love interest. Again, just like Two More Lonely People, this track is forgetteable and effortless.

Stay is another ballad again, and here her vocals sound brilliant again! Miley seems to appear as a good ballad singer to me more and more every track. This ballad appeals to me again, but a little less than Every Rose Has It’s Thorn and Forgiveness And Love. What I like most about this song is the emotional and more calm style of Miley’s, especially in the toned-down bridge. I love her vocals in that part, so thin and tiny. In the rest of the song, her vocals aren’t that bad either.

It seems she introduced more rock elements in her next song, Scars, which does not only has synthesizers and an uptempo percussion beat, but also some heavy guitars in the chorus and as an underlying tone in the verses. Her vocals are a little icky here and there, a little blegh sometimes, but still she’s all over the place in a positive way. It’s good those guitars are featured, or else I wouldn’t have liked this song due to being not original enough.

A piano and soft synths open Take Me Along, and for the first time there’s an uptempo track that doesn’t sound like dance/pop but more like pop/rock, which still suits her best, just like country. This time I don’t really like her higher notes, because she sounds a bit nasal at some points, but her lyrics aren’t cliche-ridden here, so that’s one plus.

With Robot, Miley takes the heavier aspect of Scars to another level, so it sounds even more heavy in this track. Now the electric guitars are more dominant and on the foreground in the chorus. Again, she’s singing about breaking free from everything she ought to be, it’s a bit like Can’t Be Tamed. This lacks just as much originality as some of the other tracks.

Then My Heart Beats For Love captures my attention again because of the (surprise surprise) originality. Yes, mostly the percussion sounds original because it displays more of a dramatic echo, and Miley’s vocals are all that again. She doesn’t sound nasal, she’s not singing cheesy lyrics, she’s not freaking Hannah Montana, she’s who I’d like her to be! I like the melody in the chorus, and also the emotion she lays into her voice and her adlibbing.

This album should be split in half. The first half being all the ballad tracks and other tracks I liked more than average, and the other tracks being the useless and originality-lacking tracks, so that I can listen to the first half and press STOP whenever they’re over. Miley doesn’t display much of variety on her third studio album, most of the tracks are dance/pop or pop/rock, and the latter is the side I’d be dying to see from her! Miley, please drop the dance and get back to rock and country, so you don’t annoy me anymore!
However, I don’t want to be all negative about Miley at all. She’s a singer for a reason, and that reason is best displayed in her lowtempo tracks and pop/rock tracks. Those tracks make me scream for more, while her other tracks make me scream like crazy.

Favorite tracks: Liberty Walk | Every Rose Has It’s Thorn | Forgiveness And Love | Stay


3 stars


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