Ke$ha – Animal

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Ke$ha – Animal

1. Your Love Is My Drug
2. TiK ToK
3. Take It Off
4. Kiss ‘N’ Tell
5. Stephen
6. Blah Blah Blah (feat. 3OH!3)
7. Hungover
8. Party At A Rich Dude’s House
9. Backstabber
10. Blind
11. D.I.N.O.$.A.U.R.
12. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
13. Boots & Boys
14. Animal

♦ ♦ ♦

This is Ke$ha’s debut album, and it was released on January 5, 2010. She worked about seven years on it, and wrote more than 200 songs. These 200 tracks finally were brought back to 12, but were later expanded to 14. In Canada, Greece and the United States, Animal topped the charts and the album was certified Platinum in Canada and Gold in Australia.

Your Love Is My Drug sounds very good, just like electropop should be. The synths and percussion are very strong in the verses, but in the chorus even more. In some parts, like the chorus, Ke$ha shows she can actually sing, and that she can not only rap. In the verses and the second part of the bridge she starts to rap again, but it doesn’t bother if you focus on the better aspects of the song.

The song TiK ToK annoys me after a couple of listens, and it features a sound similar to Your Love Is My Drug, so it feels like repetition to me. Still Ke$ha’s voice sounds pretty swell with a vocoder, but I’ve heard this song so many times by now I don’t really like it anymore.

Why isn’t Take It Off a single? She doesn’t even rap here, which is a good fact, she really sings this time. The melody reminds me of another song, but I don’t know which one xD This song is pure techno, but for a person that doesn’t like techno, I can appreciate this song very much. Especially since it sounds a bit happier.

The synths can open another dance track, which is Kiss ‘N’ Tell. Ke$ha shows she sounds very good while singing in harmony with herself, and this track is a little more uptempo than other songs. Feels like a wake-up call! The chorus is my favourite part, and the distortion effects in the bridge come off as a nice surprise as well.

Change of beat with Stephen. Ke$ha again sings in harmony with herself in the introduction, and when the beat drops in, it sounds like Hiphop/R&B and dance mixed into one. What a total change, oh my gosh. Again, the chorus surprises me the most, and this could be a favourite track of mine since this R&B beat suits Ke$ha very well.

And afterwards I understand why some people I know hate Blah Blah Blah (feat  3OH!3). Ke$ha raps like she’s either drunk or completely stoned. I expected the men of 3OH!3 would perform better, since they sounded fantastic in ‘Starstrukk’ with singer Katy Perry, but they play along with Ke$ha’s sing-song rapping. The music is a plus though.

After the previous disaster, I expected Hungover to be just the same, but luckily this isn’t true at all! Ke$ha starts to sing again, just like in the songs Take It Off and Stephen. The beat stays quite calm and R&B-ish, but the synths in the back give it that electropop feeling she has throughout all her songs.

The title Party At A Rich Dude’s House is very like Ke$ha, and for the first time on this album electric guitars are introduced. Ke$ha doesn’t only sing-song rap in this song, but she sounds like freaking Animal from the Muppets; very off key yelling and screaming at some points. Maybe she’s trying to bring some vibrato in her voice, but she surely doesn’t succeed. Again, the music is the best part, while the rest is blegh.

Backstabber‘s music is very good again, good techno/electro-ish. Especially the background singing deserves some points here, but Ke$ha’s own vocals are sometimes a little off. Though, if you get used to her, you can actually listen to this song more than once because the rest is swell.

Blind starts off kinda acoustic, but it’s actually a midtempo track which shows off Ke$ha’s vocal abilities. She can actually be called a singer, yes yes. Everything is back on track again after some blegh songs. Vocoders, a good beat, good vocals, great music, what more could you want?

The melody of the rocky D.I.N.O.$.A.U.R. is very funny because of the whistling sound, and I describe it as a techno/dance song mixed with soft metal through heavy percussion and electric guitar riffs. I think Blind was a one-time cheer, because Ke$ha’s rapping is back again, and the bridge is really off because it sounds a bit like ’60’s music. I think this track would be a C-.

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes comes off calmer. The verses are calmly sung by Miss Sebert, the hook is sing-song rapping again but she’s back to her singing in the chorus. My hopes are back up again with this midtempo electropop song. Her great vocal abilities are back as well.

The TiK ToK-feeling is back with Boys & Boots, but I’m gonna skip this track asap, because it annoys me like hell.

And still she knows how to come back with an actually GOOD track like Animal. The title track should usually represent the whole feeling and style of the album, and this track succeeds. Nice electro/dance with fierce percussion, synths and fully SUNG lyrics by Ke$ha. This could easily be the best track of the album, what a good way to end!

I expected worse from Animal, and that’s why I postponed this review. I calculated that 65% of the tracks (9 out of 14) are actually very good, while the rest is pure crap! It’s an interesting and weird album indeed, because on one hand it makes me feel like wow!, but on the other hand it makes me wanna jump off a building screaming. A good thing about this album is the good amount of different styles that were used: electro, pop, techno, R&B, and I’m fond of variety. She should sing more on her next album, instead of rap, because her singing could be better if she’d do it a lot more.

Favorite tracks: Take It Off | Stephen | Hungover | Blind | Animal


3 stars


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